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Vote OMONI OBOLI for the Future Award Best Actor of the Year: 33120 - NIGERIA; 81696 - UK; 97605 -USA

To all Fans and Friends of OMONI OBOLI,

It is my great pleasure to inform you that OMONI has been nominated as the the future Awards BEST ACTOR OF THE YEAR. This one Nollywood star that has successfully forge a path of her own in the acting world.

This year she has steadily risen and blossomed from the background to increasingly prominent roles in major blockbusters. She featured in several films this year, two of which have been in the cinemas i.e. THE FIGURINE and GUILTY PLEASURES.

To vote for OMONI OBOLI for Best Actor Future Awards Text Omoni Oboli Actor of the Year to 

81696 FOR UK
97605 FOR US

You can also vote online at Thanks for your love and support all. More updates will be coming to you from this platform.

God bless

Exclusive Interview: The rise and rise of Omoni Oboli

As there are stars, starlets and wannabees in the world of make-believe in Nigeria (Nollywood) there is one person who has been able to successfully remove herself from the pack and forge a path of her own in the acting world and that person is Omoni Oboli. This year she has steadily risen and blossomed from the background to increasingly prominent roles in major blockbusters. I decided to do an interview with her to find out more about this rising star.

BA: This has got to be the year of Omoni! You’ve featured in several films this year, two of which have been in the cinemas i.e. The Figurine and Guilty Pleasures. Now you’ve been nominated for Best Actor Futures Award. What do you have to say about that?

OO: I am so blessed to have chosen the right scripts. I am just so thankful to God for everything. I feel like I’m finally getting to where I want to go. ‘The Figurine’, (which is said to be one of the best Nigerian movies to date) has been the high point of my career this year and I am so proud of it. It has done so well in the box office in Nigeria, Ghana and the UK and the reviews have been mind blowing. Guilty pleasures is such a good movie and it’s also doing well in the box office in Nigeria. I am so honoured to have been nominated for the future awards. It’s a very credible award and I would love to win it. So please vote for me y’all.

BA: What was it like acting in the Figurine?
OO: Shooting the Figurine was very exciting. We shot for 3 months in Osun, Ife and an island in Lagos. We stayed at the Miccom golf resort in Osun for a month and we soon became one big happy family. When we got to the island, where we shot for over one month, I was so excited the first day we got there cos it was so exotic but at night fall, the bugs came out to play and my exotic location fast became a nightmare but someone lit a bonfire and we had fun telling stories and playing games around the fire. Before we knew it, another person started roasting yams, and it was really delicious with palm oil. I had the most fun shooting the figurine even though it had so many challenges.

BA: You played Ramsey (Nouah) and Kunle (Afolayan)’s love interest…(plenty of smoochin’ was goin’ on, girl!) how did Mr Oboli take it?
OO: (Laughter) You are so funny. Nnamdi (Oboli)’s a modern day man and he trusts me. He knows its part of my job and it ends when the director says cut. Ramsey and Kunle have become my good friends so they are so easy to work with. And it helps that they are good actors.

BA: Does he come on set with you?
OO: My husband comes on set sometimes when its convenient and he is my biggest fan. He believes more in me than I believe in myself.

BA: When he’s on set and you have to kiss your co-star how do you handle that?
OO: He was actually on set when we were shooting one of my romantic scenes in the figurine but he wasn’t actually in the room where we were shooting. I really don’t know how I’d feel if he were actually in the room.

BA: So how many children do you have?
OO: I have three very boisterous adorable little boys.

BA: I noticed your son (Tobe) featured in the movie with you… what was it like working with him?OO: It was a very nice experience. I watched him do his thing and I was so proud. It wasn’t easy all the way though cos I had to be an actress and a mother at the same time. Tobe wanted to hang out with the adults and I couldn’t let him. He got bored many times and I had to think of ways to entertain him with computer games and story books. He was also missing his brothers, so on my birthday while we were still on the island, my husband came with my other kids and some friends with food and drinks and we all had fun with the cast and crew.

BA: I understand you were in the industry before and you went on a break. When was that and why did you feel the need to do that?
OO: I entered Nollywood in 1996 and I actually enjoyed a very interesting career then playing the lead in some hit movies like ‘Not My Will’, ‘Destined to Die’ and ‘Another Campus Tale’ but I had to leave because I was in my first year in Uni and my shooting schedules were clashing with my academics so I ended up going back to school just before exams. I knew I had to make a choice between Nollywood and getting a degree, so I decided to give acting a rest. I got married right after university and relocated with my hubby to England.

BA: Why did you come back to the industry?
OO: While away, I always had the hunger for my first love which is acting and I knew I wouldn’t be happy doing anything else so when the opportunity came to return to Nigeria, we came back home and to be honest, I tried to do one or two other things, I even got a job in one of these oil companies and the salary was very attractive but I turned it down cos I knew I would never be happy there. I decided to pursue my dream and here I am about 3 years down the line and am so happy that my decision to face acting has paid off.

BA: There’s a question I have just got to ask you… how come you have that many kids and you’re a size ZERO! You do diet and exercise don’t you? Cos with this killer bod….

OO: I’m not a size zero!! (Laughter) I’m just a very big advocate for healthy living. I run a diet and fitness business on the side so I practise what I preach. I watch what I eat and I exercise to stay fit and healthy. God has just been good to me I must say.

BA: Back to the Future Award… how did you feel hearing you were nominated?
OO: When I got the call that I had been nominated for the future awards, I was so excited. I really admire the organisers of this award and would love to be associated with them so I pray I win this one. To vote for me for Best Actor Future Awards Text Omoni Oboli Actor of the Year to 33120 for Nigeria, for the Uk on 81696 & US on 97605.

BA: So how do your fans get in touch with you if they want to?
OO: Well, I have a website ( its a fun networking site where my friends and fans network with me and each other. We usually have fun chatting and making friends. I am also in partnership with some NGO while I am floating mine to help the underprivileged in the society.

BA: Any new projects you’re working on?
OO:I am working on a script now for my production next year. It will be shot in the early part of next year and am really excited about it. I am so blessed to have friends and fans who care so deeply about me. I love you all and I will not go back on my word to only appear in good movies. Thanks for standing with me. Without you, I won’t be here today. Thanks y’all! Keep smiling!

BA: Thanks so much for chatting with me!
OO: You’re very welcome!
By Bola Aduwo

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


When you talk of scandal-free actresses in Nigeria, as well as those with a sense of decency, the likes of Chioma Chukwuka will readily come to mind.  This Anambra State born screen goddess is no doubt a viewer’s delight ... any day. She made her first appearance years ago and had since moved to the top of her career as an actress and a singer.

She is among the 26 contestants of the FACE of HOPE Project. Your vote for her to be the Face of Hope 2010 will surely be need to make her dreams come through. Her ultimate aim according to her is to make a huge difference in the lives of less privileged people in Africa.

Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha. Alluring, Hardworking , Passionate, Honest and Articulate. Wife , Mother , Actor , Compere and a Home-manager. A graduate of banking and finance of Lagos State University.
Shot her first movie in year 2000.
Winner AAMA Best Actress 2007. Ambassador Globacom Telecommunication. Enjoys singing, cooking travelling and making new friends. Blessed with an adorable husband and two lovely children

The Face of Hope Project, a-volunteer-based non-profit, non-religious, non political organization established to give hope to the hopeless and help to the helpless, taking the less-privileged African children off the streets and providing them with free qualitative education.

The Face of Hope Project seeks to search for an Ambassador that will champion the campaign against child illiteracy in Nigeria and Africa. The project also works to rekindle the passion and love for Country, seeking personal reflections on ways of bettering our Nation. Re branding can only come from positive attitudinal change, thus the debate to select the Ambassador is strictly a positive Nigeria Initiative. This search will be done among 26 top Nigerian Actors/Actresses; TV, Sports, Motivational and Inspirational Personalities; Musicians and Stand up Comedians.

To vote for Chioma Chukwuka send
foh Chioma
to 35810 (Glo & Zain)
33810 (MTN)

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Right now, Nollywood is abuzz with excitement with the emergence of young, vibrant actress, Nse Ikpe Etim. She is Nigeria's answer to Thandie Newton! Nse is like a breath of fresh air and has been nicknamed in Nollywood, "the silent tsunami". When you watch her in action, you'd understand why; you just can't help but WOW! To learn more about Nse and view some of her work, please click on the link below to join her group on Facebook. You can also watch the entire episodes of two of her most popular movies there (Reloaded and Guilty Pleasures). More stuff from Nse comin' atcha soon!

For those of you that know Fred Amata, the undisputed King Of The Nigerian Video Industry, you can testify to the fact that he has been consistent for over two decades and is one of the best actors, directors and producers that Nollywood has ever produced. Right now, Fred is participating in Celebrity Takes 2 (similar to Strictly Comes Dancing) and he deserves to win based purely on merit and hard work. Fred has always been a terrific dancer; so this comes naturally to him coupled with the fact that experience comes with age. So come on y'all, let's crown him KING OF THE DANCE FLOOR! To learn more about Celebrity Takes 2, airing times and details on how to vote please click on the link below and join Fred's support group on Facebook:

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Source: Egoruomare Efiok Eyo Efiok

Friday, 4 December 2009

More women are wanted in the Film Industry - Ego Boyo

 As a way of encouraging more women to venture into the film industry, Temple Productions is organised a workshop for women in film and those who are trying to break into the industry. The workshop held yesterday, December 3, 2009 in Lagos.

Reel Women: A workshop for Female Filmmakers, aimed at educating women creatively on the opportunities in film production.
“Women have always been involved in various aspects of film making and are becoming more and more involved in production. And now more than ever, opportunities exist because of the pioneering efforts of a few,” said Ego Boyo, veteran female actress and managing director of Temple Productions. “There is a need to maximize these opportunities by creating a forum to enlighten and empower women interested in a career in film and for those already in the Industry.”

Ego Boyo, who also doubles as the initiator of the Reel Women, described the workshop as “a passionate idea conceived to manage the challenges faced by female film makers.”

Organisers argue that the workshop will provide an invaluable opportunity for networking and a platform for mentorship by renowned film directors, producers, financiers, script writers, legal luminaries, and actresses in the industry, at no cost to the beneficiaries.

There will be discussions on issues like sexual harassment, talent development, and other salient challenges women go through in the film industry. The one-day workshop will also feature break out and mentoring sessions as well as speeches on a wide range of topics, like how to break into the industry, personal comportment, style, and everything in between.

Speakers at the workshop include film director and writer, Amaka Igwe; award winning actresses Kate Henshaw Nuttall and Joke Silva,  and Ifeoma Williams, an image consultant; and Sandra Oyewole, a Partner at Oyewole & Co, among others.

Speaking with one of the speakers at the workshop on the telephone yesterday, the person of Kate Henshaw Nuttall, ' the workshop was really fantastic, it went well and was such an interesting programme that people people did not even bother about the time. Hopefully, the workshop will be holding more often...she said, with a lot of excitement in her.

Temple Productions has been at the forefront of pioneering innovations in the film industry. The company recently signed a partnership agreement with a South African-based production company, to help enhance its output. It is now working with international film consultants to reinvigorate the Nigerian film industry with modern equipment and value added services. Temple Productions aims to produce internationally acceptable films in Nigeria.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Celebrity Takes 2 Reality show

Hostilities, intrigues and drama as celebrity artistes don their dancing shoes in the race to determine the best celebrity dancer in this year Celebrity Takes 2 reality show.

The battle lines have been drawn as contestants are not leaving any stone unturned to come up with their best performances as the competition entered its third week. Their zeal and determination to learn from their dance instructors became evident and their resolve to outperform each was very apparent.

For these celebrities, it is a prestige battle as the competition continues to generate hostilities between the Nollywood stars on one hand and the music stars on the other hand.

The contest is fierce and the stakes are high as the crews battle it out live on stage for dance supremacy. Each week, they’ll step up to the challenge and show off their skills, and each week, one crew will be eliminated until Nigeria’s Best Dance Celebrity is revealed.

The competition was stiff this week when all the ten celebrities gave their all in an attempt to win the dance trophy on “Celebrity Takes 2 Season 2”. Each of the contestants had to perform one dance, and the judges’ commendations were very high.

The contestants include Stella Damascus, Faithia Balogun, Yemi Blaq, Dakore Egbuson, and veteran actor, Fred Amata. From the music industry are Kel, Zaki Azzay, Yinka Davies, Obiwon, and Faze.

And guess what else? As the competition gets to the elimination stages, you’ll once again get to vote for your favorite celebrity! Yes, you’ll help decide their fate. Then, after all the votes are counted, the celebrity with the lowest score will be put up for eviction. The audience will need to send SMS to save their favourite celebrities and keep them in the show.

With everything on the line, they all must continue to do their best to impress the judges and you because only one can walk away a winner.

During season 1, Funlola Aofiyebi wowed the crowd week after week with her synchronized moves and signature carriage, nabbing the coveted title of Nigeria’s Best Dance Celebrity and a jeep from Sky Bank, the sponsors. But who will wear the crown this time around?

Friday, 27 November 2009

ROYAL FESTIVAL OF DANCE: UK GOSPEL CONCERT Featuring Prince Segun Adebayo & Others

In this day an age we have lots of Musicians coming up with different concept of music in the

Africa/Nigeria Entertainment Industry both home and abroad. A lot of them are going places with their talents and giftings and more importantly making positive impact in the lives of people worldwide. Furthermore, they all believe in what they do, the style and type of their music the produce and they stick to them.

There is one UK based musician I have a lot of respect for. He is has impacted the lives of both old and young generations with His music. He is one man that believes in what he does, stands by it and will not compromise! His style of music can be categorized as Gospel Contemporary. This man I am refering to is non other than PRINCE SEGUN ADEBAYO.

Prince Segun Adebayo is a gospel musician of repute and high integrity. He hails from a royal family in Ilesa, Osun State in the Western part of Nigeria. A self-taught keyboardist, the Prince - as his teeming admirers fondly call him, started composing songs at a very tender age. Since his first music album released in the nineties, he has succeeded in blending various genres of music - like Apala, Highlife, Succoss, Fuji, Eyo chant, dance Ballard, Afro beat, Dadakuada, Classical, Accapella, Funk, Jazz, Rap, Hip pop, Indian, French, Latino, etc. to form a rich and danceable style thereby breaking such barriers as of age, status, belief and race. He strongly believes in using African percussions.

Prince Segun Adebayo and his band have featured as guest musician in concerts, marriage receptions, birthday ceremonies, churches, radio and television programmes. He is the founder of Beulah Potential Music International (BPMI) whose vision is to be a One-Shop Place of Music - Ministry, Production, Promotion, Sales and helping people to bring out the musical talent in them.

He has been to almost all the cities and suburbs of the UK performing at events. Presently, he is studying music to maximize his gift and calling.

He has so far released 4 Albums that are till today the best selling Gospel Contemporary Albums. They are as follows:


Beulah Potential Music International (BPMI) in collaboration with Afrikan Kreations (subsidiary of Femtej Kreations Limited UK & Eleven 12 Animation Ltd present

EVENT:“ROYAL FESTIVAL DANCE” A “Red Carpet’’ concert is tagged 1 Peter 2:9 …A Royal Priesthood…that ye may shew forth the praise….

Featuring Prince Segun Adebayo Performing his hits

with Special Appearances & Ministration by NIRAN OBASA(GOSPEL JAZZ)
All the album released: S'ERU BOTA, MILLENNIUM GLORY, ENDLESS, PSA LIVE IN WHITEHALL LONDON will be available for purchase on the night.
Photo Opportunities

Date: 18th December 2009

Time: 7pm – 11pm (Prompt)

Venue: Christ the Ladder Ministries
777-787 Old Kent Road
London SE15 1NZ (On top of Carphone Warehouse, Opposite Toys ‘R’ us)

Dress Code: You have to be gorgeously dressed to the palace to dance with the King of Kings.

This Event is supported by:
Ben Television UK
Vintage Magazine
Femtej Kreations Consulting
Surprise FM
Popp Consult (Music and Sound)
Eleven 12 Animations
Christ the Ladder Ministries
Praise Room

GUEST LIST/VIP/INFO: 07904556678 and 07878202481


Reel Women, Stand to be Counted!

Filmmakers must be very intelligent and broad-minded, with strong skills. Liberal arts study is so important. It makes you a fairly well rounded person. It exposes you to the languages, ethics, philosophy, history, and social sciences. Films are all about research and continual learning. Temple Productions unveiled plans for a workshop for women in film and those who are trying to break into the world of film tagged Reel Women: a workshop for female film makers.

The one day workshop which will take place on December 3, 2009 was conceived as a way of creatively educating women on the practicalities of life in film production; looking at the challenges women face in the industry and finding ways to surmount them.
Managing Director of Temple Productions, Ego Boyo, described the workshop as “a passionate idea conceived to manage the challenges faced by female film makers.”

“Women have always been involved in various aspects of film making and are becoming more and more involved in production, and now more than ever opportunities exist because of the pioneering efforts of a few. There is a need to maximize these opportunities by creating a forum to enlighten and empower women interested in a career in film and for those already in the Industry," she said.
As woman with plan to pursue filmmaking as a career, we will use this opportunity to meet and work with other filmmakers to make film that will screen at the largest film festival, Mrs. Boyo said.

However, filmmaking funding increasingly scarce and competition grows equally fierce, Reel Women stands out in the crowd, as real stories are more important. In the past, stories were forcibly silenced, but today, unheard stories spin to make a different on notions like “traditional values”, gender equality, abortion, issues like same-sex marriage and immigration, these stories are also a source of healing the larger community, she said.

According to Mrs. Boyo, ”Reel Women Film Workshop is fast-paced and packed with instruction. “Every hour, there is something different. It is very hands-on. There is an assignment every day.”

The workshop will provide an invaluable opportunity for networking and possible mentorship by renowned directors, producers, financiers, scriptwriters, legal luminaries, and actresses in the industry at no cost. Throughout the day there will be discussions, break out and mentoring sessions and speeches that will range in topic from how to break into the industry to comportment, style, and everything in between.

Speakers at the workshop include Renowned Film Director and writer, Amaka Igwe, Joke Silva, the popular actress whose acting school Lufodo Academy recently held its formal launch, Ifeoma Williams, an image consultant, multi-talented Kate Henshaw-Nuttal, Sandra Oyewole, Partner, Oyewole & Co among others. 

 Temple productions partners with a South African based production company, now working with international film consultants in its bid to reinvigorate the Nigerian film industry. With new equipment and value added services, Temple productions believe it can play a very pivotal role in producing internationally acceptable films in Nigeria


Entries for AMAA 2010 still open

The Africa Film Academy invites filmmakers to submit their Feature, Short, and Documentary works for consideration by the 6th AMAA, the Premier Africa film Awards. Each completed entry form must be accompanied by all the supporting materials listed on the submission forms, including the synopsis of the film, the list of credits, marketing stills of the film, filmographies of the directors and producers, 10 DVD copies of the film and proof of the right to submit.

Only films produced and released between December 2008 and December 2009 would be entered for the 2009 celebration of African Cinema to be held in 2010. All films must indicate year of copyright. The Africa Film Academy will not accept any film that exceeds the 120 min run as a feature or a short film that is longer than 50 minutes.

The Africa Film Academy awards two major categories of short films and animation. This year the Academy announced a category for the Best Africa Film in the Diaspora and the Best Diaspora Short Film Awards. The deadline for all submissions is December 30, 2009; a late entry deadline is 7th January 2010. Nominations will be announced in Ghana in February 2010. AMAA will hold on April 10, 2010 and will be televised across the world.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

YORUBA ROMANCE: A Stage Play with a Difference!

YORUBA ROMANCE, a stage play with a difference! I can categorically say, Nigerians now have the chance of savouring the beauty of live drama. This classic stage play featured the Super star and the Award winning Actress Kate Henshaw-Nuttall, Yemi Adeyemi (Suara of the Super Story) and Chris Ubani-Robert. 

The Stage drama took place last Sunday, 22nd November 2009 at the AGIP RECITAL HALL, MUSON CENTRE. Lagos.
Speaking with the Star Actress Kate Henshaw Nuttall on the phone on Monday, 23rd November 2009, she explained how the place was packed for the two shows, the 3pm & 6pm. People really liked the play, the reception was high. Thank God for that.

Explaining the synopsis of the play, Terrence said Yoruba Romance is a hilarious comedy about the age old mating ritual between man and woman. The play employs the use of different kinds of humour to explore some of the deep-seated prejudices we have concerning intertribal relationships.

The play centred on three major acts, Chief Ladoja who is Yemi Adeyemi, Nneka Chilouzor, the role played by Kate Henshaw Nuttall and Chief Chibuzor, Nneka’s father who is Chris Ubani-Roberts.

Ladoja, an affluent middle aged farmer decides to take a new wife. His options or lack of options, narrow to the daughter of his neighbour Chief Chibuzor, a more affluent businessman. Everything looks good until a long buried land dispute between both families is unearthed. The marriage proposal takes an ugly turn and accusations and counter accusations fly.

Will they overcome their bigotry and tribal biases to celebrate the love brewing beneath the greed and intolerance or are the two families fated for a bitter and unending rivalry?

According to the Director of the play, the footing of the bills by Onga, a product of Promasidor Nigeria Plc made the play a success for international consumption.

Yoruba Romance according to the director takes us on a journey of love and laughter; and at the end the audience will learn a few hard lessons.

The play is the adaptation of a marriage proposal – the 17th century Russian play by Anton Chekhov, Terrence which brings out some inherited prejudices in Nigerian culture traversing various tribes.

“We packaged the play to dispel all these old prejudices and also we are out to make Nigerians enjoy the rich theatre culture which only stage plays can provide,” he said.

Lead Actress Kate Henshaw Nuttall said the stage play was more challenging movie to her, hence her involvement in the production. “Besides I am expected to cook in the play and this will educate most people who doubt my ability to cook. “People who come around would have a taste of my cooking seasoned with Onga,” she added.

The Head of Marketing Promasidor Nigeria Plc, Mrs Biola Inawo said that Onga’s involvement in the play was to restore the lost glory of stages play which used to dominate the theatre industry in the country.

She said that the involvement of Kate Henshaw Nuttall, who is equally the face of Onga further facilitated the company’s interest, as she supposed to be an image maker of the brand.

The Stage play, written and directed by Tyrone Terrence and packaged or let me say presented by Rosewood Theatre aims at restoring the dignity of live drama. I hope you all agree with me here....Have a nice day!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Vivien Stephen, a rare combination of Gospel and grit


A rare combination of Gospel and grit, Vivien Stephen has been in the Entertainment industry for nearly a decade. With her strong, beautiful and distinctive voice, she has help groups like Sharp Band and Perception Band to prominence in the City of Lagos .

An only child, Vivien is married to the Fuji crooner of the award winning gospel group ‘Midnight Crew’. Mother of one and firm believer in miracles, Vivien is always quick to acknowledge her talent as God’s gift. Energetic and decisive, this daughter of the Delta was born to lecturer father and travelling businesswoman mother, Dr. & Mrs Stephen. Music seemed to come naturally to Vivien from when she was six. By sixteen, she was leading choirs and getting invited from all around Lagos .

With her coarse and raspy yet silky depth that would make Angelique Kidjo and Yinka Davies turn their heads, Vivien’s voice places her in contention as the next big female act in Africa .

Click the link below to listen to the outstanding track of our time! I mean a track with a touch of difference!
Performed by Vivien Stephen, Written by Michael Abdul, Produced by Wole Oni.----------IJO by Vivien Stephen

Also this remarkable track! GOOD MORNING SIR by Vivien Stephen, Performed by Vivien Stephen, Written by Michael Abdul, Produced by Wole Oni.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

EGBERUN MAILI (One thousand Miles) premieres in Africa & UK from 14th November 2009

Ace cinematographer Tunde Kelani says “If every other movie can at least be of this standard, I can assure you that our movie industry would have been bigger than this.”

Directed by Dotun Taylor,One thousand Miles tells a story of young Omolola Adebayo, an intelligent Chartered Accountant Spinster, who mistakenly sends a text message meant for her Fiancée to a stranger’s phone. This stranger turns out to be a conservative artist who is a Farmer in Osogbo; Iwintunde Kupoluyi. Iwintunde responds to this text, writing one of the best love poems Omolola has ever read. Omolola on the other end gets really curious and begins to speak with this stranger on the phone. She notices that her already existing relationship may be threatened, so she tries stopping her friendship with this stranger but could not. One day she gets too curious and wants to add a face to the voice of this stranger, who is a sworn enemy with the Lagos ’ ‘fast lane’ life style. She made the journey all the way to Oshogbo, and her life turned around.

Subtitled in French and english by MOSUNMOLA AGORO, the movie parades movie stars like Legend and Top Yoruba Actresses in  Nollywood, Bukky Ajayi, Binta Ayo Mogaji, Remi Surutu, Actors like Bayo Bankole and featuring Alhaji Ahmed Abubakar and Funmi Fiberesima as lead characters.

We intend to start our world premiere from November 2009 London, Manchester, Birmingham, Chester and Ireland. As it has to do with VCDs and DVD, that is not happening till next year but we will begin random Cinema shows at about November in Nigeria ” said Dotun Taylor.

The director/producer OLADOTUN ALFRED TAYLOR is a graduate of the University of Ilorin, with a degree in History in the year 2000.  He then went for his NYSC service year in Jos, Plateau and served at Nigerian Television Authority as a producer and presenter, by the end of the service year, he was retained and moved to National production Jos, where he worked in the capacity of assistant producer and at the same period, he attended the Nigerian Film Institute  Jos, and finished his course in 2002. He had a stint in acting when he played the part of a young athlete hooked on drugs in a television series titled Crucible on the Nigerian Television Network.  Dotun Taylor after his stint with NTA Jos moved to Lagos.  He co-wrote and produced a film titled Jeun Soke by Saheed Balogun, directed by Patrick Doyle and featured notable artists like Alariwo, Orlando Julius etc.

Dotun Taylor returned to television, as a presenter –producer on Galaxy Television in 2003 on Be My Guest and Sound of My Land, his love for filmmaking  and independence took him out of television again to set up his own production outfit called Aroba – Aroba meaning oral tradition or history.In 2004, he produced and directed Adewale Ayuba’s Ijo Fuji, which went on to win an award at the 2005 Kora Awards. Aroba as he is known to his peers and colleagues in the entertainment sector, has come to be known as one of the best traditional music video directors, having done the videos of artists like Pasuma, Yinka Ayefele, Saheed Osupa, Jesse King (Buga), Jide Chord, Midnight Crew (Igwe) etc.

Dotun directed the film Halimat in 2007, written and produced by Toyin Aimakhu, and his directorial prowess was put to show in this film, that got reviews for the wonderful camera shots .Dotun is married with a son.  Egberun Maili was shot in October 2008 with the script written by Dotun a few years ago.

Saturday, 19 September 2009


We would like to apologise for not given you any update on your favorite blog since April.
We are now back in full strength now and we hope to bring so much positive orientated articles as regards to the awareness on some news things going on in the Entertainment industry, in terms of the movies, music and all so please logged on to this blog.

Should you have any article that you will like us to publish for you on this blog please do not hesitate to email us on

Thanking you for you ceaseless support.
Esteem Wishes

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Nollywood Stars Give Verdict On AMAA

The African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA), has come a long way since its inception five years ago. It is today regarded by many as the African version of the American OSCAR Awards and enjoys international recognition for its laudable achievements.

In the last edition held at the Cultural Centre Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, on Saturday April 4th, some of the Nollywood Stars spoke with our Correspondent on their impression about the continental events; Excerpts:

Hakeem Rahman: National Vice President, Actors Guild of Nigeria, (AGN) 

- AMAA is one of the best things that has happened to the African Movie Industry as it affords movie makers and marketers the opportunity to come together every year. It has also encouraged excellence, hardwork and competition. Nollywood has not done much in terms of producing films that can compete favourably with that of other African countries in terms of production of films of international standards. This is probably why most of the awards were carted away by other African countries like Kenya, but we hope to get better in future.

Andy Chukwu (Actor)

AMAA has really done well over the years and the organisers have succeeded in bringing us together every year, particularly our counterparts in Nigeria and Africa. In terms of the choice of winners, they are doing well, that is why the number of participants continue to increase every year. AMAA improves every year, this is why this year’s event is better than last year.

Tom Njemanze (Actor)

Nollywood is a great thing that has happened to Africa. Without Nollywood, no African Magic we are going to do more great things to show our people of Africa that we are one. In terms of choice of winners, the judges follow due process, there is no bias in their choice of winners.

Gloria Young (Actress)

For AMAA, I will say so far so good, it is something that is bringing some kind of unity in Africa and Africa in diaspora.

Abiola Akande (Madam Kofo) Actress

AMAA is a welcome development, at least we have something to look up to every year and we have not been disappointed.

Ejike Asiegbu (President AGN)

AMAA has grown from strength to strength, but it can get better. We are happy that the governors of Bayelsa, from Alamesiegha, who started the event to the present administration have been very supportive.

The relevance is to bring Stars together which translates to rapid development of the tourism sector in the States. We have to sustain the tempo.

Kate Henshaw – Nuttall: (African Best Actress 2008)

AMAA has been good. It is the best thing that has happened to Nigeria and we will keep doing it because we have the talents here in this country.

Grace Amah -(Actress)

AMAA is simply great, it is a name that has come to stay and I am happy for the organizers of the vent for the good job they are doing.

Colins Mcdon:  (Actor)

AMAA has exposed Nigeria and Africa in diaspora to the world. AMAA has gone beyond Nigeria. In the next five years when you will be talking of the Grammy awards, you will also be talking about AMAA. The choice of winners has been fair so far, we have college of judges who are men and women of intergrity, I feel their choice is strictly on merit. Those who have been chosen deserve the Awards.

Stephanie Okereke (Actress)

AMAA has helped to expose movie practitioners the more. It has also helped to encourage those involved in movie making by rewarding excellence and hardwork. The Bayelsa State government deserves commendation for encouraging AMAA. 

(Culled from The Tide Online)

Thursday, 16 April 2009

The Result of the AMAA 2009


a. Per Second Killer (Nigeria)

Coming of Age (Kenya)

c. Santos the survivor (Kenya)

d. Lost in the South (Rwanda)

e. Congo my foot (FAR) 


1. Private Files – Egypt

2. Shit on the Rock – Nigeria

3. Grandma’s not Home – South Africa

For the Best and for the Onion – Niger (Joint winners)

Malcom’s Echo – Dami Akinnusi 


1. Pamela – Kenya

2. Who is Best? -Zimbabwe

3. The Sharing day – Cameroun 

4. Love Is …..

5. Killer Necklace 

No winner announced


1. kono (Burkina Faso)

Lolo (Burkina Faso)

3. Little Learning is different – Kenya 

4. Manani Ogre – Kenya 

5. Cheprono – Kenya 


1. From a Whisper 

2. Battle of the Soul

Seventh Heaven

4. Gugu and Andile

5. Grey Focus 


1. Cindy’s Note

2. Reloaded

3. Modupe Temi

4. Battle of the Soul 

From a Whisper 


Small Boy – Michelle Bello

2. Five Apostles – Ifeanyi Onyeabor

3. Agony of the Christ – Jude Odoh

4. Gugu and Andile – Kay Tickerman

5. Revolution – Eddybongo Uka 


1. Agony of the Christ 

Live to Remember 

3. From a whisper 

4. The Assassin 

5. Ase n’tedumare 


1. Five Apostle 

Battle of the Soul

3. Smoke and Mirrors

4. Agony of the Christ

5. Revolution 


1. Arugba 

2. Beautiful Soul

From a whisper 

4. Agony of the Christ

5. Jenifa 


Litha Booi – Gugu and Andile

2. Mavila Anthana Keriario – Battle of the Soul

3. Ruffy Samuel – Dead End 

4. Segun Adefila – Arugba

5. Sherrif Ramzy – Seventh Heaven 


1. Bhaira Mcwizu – Cindy’s Note

2. Bukola Awoyemi – Arugba

3. Lydia Farson – Scorned 

Lungelo Dhladha – Gugu and Andile

5. Mfouemon Bea. Flore – Ma Saah Sah 


1. Celia Greenwoood - The Assasin 

Richard Chukwuma - Small Boy 

3. Shanlar Kirunga – Battle of the Soul

4. Samara Milgwi – From a whisper 


1. Godfrey Odhiamba – From a whisper 

2. Mike Ezuruonye – The Assasin

3. Michel Majid – Agony of the Christ

4. Peter Badejo – Arugba

Farouk Alfishawi – Seventh Heaven 


1. Stephanie Okereke and Nse Etim – Reloaded

2. Stella Damasus-Aboderin – State of the Heart

3. Corine Onyango – From a whisper 

4. Nadia Buari – Agony of the Christ 

Funke Akindele – Jenifa 


1. Femi Adebayo – Apaadi

2. Abubakar Mvenda and Ken Ambani – From a Whisper 

3. Neil Mc Carthy – Gugu and Andile

4. Yemi Blaq – Grey Focus 

Joel Okuyo Prynce – Battle of the Soul 


1. Aggie Kebirungi – Battle of the Soul

Mercy Johnson – Live to Remember 

3. Mosunmola Filani – Jenifa

4. Daphney Hlomoku – Gugu and Andile 

5. Chika Ike – The Assassin 


Gugu and Andile – South Africa

2. Arugba – Nigeria

3. Mah Saah Sa – Cameroun 

4. Uyai – Nigeria

5. Apaadi – Nigeria 


1. From a Whisper – Marius Van Graan

2. Seventh Heaven - Ramses Marzouk

 Cindy’s Note – Izu Ojukwu

4. Gugu and Andile –Greg Heimann

5. Battle of the Soul – Stephen Njero and Tony Matomi 


1. Agony of the Christ

2. Apaadi

3. Live to Remember 


5. Seventh Heaven 


1. Cindy’s Note – Izu Ojukwu

Arugba – Tunde Kelani

3. Beautiful Soul – Tchidi Chikere

4. State of the Heart – Kingsley Omoife and Richard Mofe-Damijo

5. Jenifa – Funke Akindele 


From a Whisper – Matt Bish

2. Seventh Heaven – Zainab Aziz

3. Through the Glass – Stephanie Okereke

4. Reloaded – Emem Isong

5. Beautiful soul – Tchidi Chikere 


From a Whisper – Kenya 

2. Arugba – Nigeria

3. Gugu and Andile – South Africa

4. Battle of the Soul - Uganda

5. Seventh Heaven - Egypt 


Wanuri Kahiu – From a Whisper (Kenya)

2. Tunde Kelani – Arugba (Nigeria)

3. Minky Schlesinger – Gugu and Andile (South Africa)

4. Math Bish – Battle of the Soul (Uganda)

5. Saad Hendawy – Seventh Heaven (Egypt)

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

African Movie Academy Award (AMAA) 2009 was a success!!

The fifth edition of the annual African Movie Academy Award (AMAA), which ended last Saturday night, April 4, in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, sprang up surprises among the audience. Many least expected the outcome of the award ceremony. The fiesta saw films from other African nations dominating their Nigerian colleagues. Stakeholders in the entertainment industry were in agreement that the awardees deserved the feat, given their hard work and commitment.

However, the hosting of the event had attracted negative comments from concerned Bayelsans, who alleged that the 'project' was a waste of government funds. They argued that the N70m used for the function would have been channelled into paying teachers salary and other meaningful ventures. But, Director General of the State's Tourism Bureau and Publicity, Nathan Egba, dismissed this view, insisting that the hosting of AMAA would go a long way in showcasing the rich cultural heritage and tourist potentials in the state. Egba maintained that the state would reap the benefits of AMAA in future.

At least, artistes and producers from 11 African countries, including the Nollywood members such as Olu Jacobs, Joke Silva, Ejike Asiegbu, and other numerous guests thronged the expansive auditorium of the Gloryland Cultural Centre situated on Ovom to grace the award ceremony. Night crawlers from Bayelsa and neighbouring states also besieged the venue to experience what they knew best. 

Stand-up comedian, Julius Agwu and Kate Henshaw-Nattall were co-comperes of the function, attended by Governor Timipre Sylva and other top government functionaries. Agwu as usual, displayed his ingenuity with rib-cracking jokes that arrested the audience. Selected musicians were not left out at the function.

Interestingly, the AMAA jury included celebrated players such as American festival designer, Ayoku Babu, German Film programmer, Dorothy Wenner, Kenyan-born British festival director, Keith Shiri and Editor, The Punch, Steve Ayorinde. A total of 25 categories were nominated for the prestigious award.

At the award ceremony, A Kenyan film, From a whisper directed by Wannri Kaliu won five choice prizes, even as the Nigerian entries that had earlier dominated the nominees' list crumbled to the surprise of Nigerian spectators. The movie won the best director, screenplay, picture, original soundtrack and AMAA achievement in editing in categories that had Nigerian entries such as Tunde Kelani in the film Arugba, Tchidi Chikere Beautiful soul and Modupe Teni. Incidentally, nobody won the best-shut film.

Again, South African film, Gugu and Andile, Egyptian film Seventh Heaven and Ugandan film Battle of the soul floored Nollywood entries, as best performance actor in a leading role and best performance actor in a supporting role, including AMAA achievement in visual effect. There was reprieve among Nigerian audience when Funke Akindele won the best female actress in Jenifa film, while Tunde Kelani won the AMAA achievement in costume and non-continental best for Nigeria scenes.

Best performance actor and male actor was clinched by Egyptian-born artiste, Farouk Alfishawi in a film titled Seventh Heavens. Izu Ojukwu, defeating Stephenie Okereke, Stella Damasus, and other artistes, won the best cinematography in Cindy. Nigerian filmmakers may likely redouble their efforts in winning choice prizes in the next edition of AMAA. Analysts say their performance in the recent award was not quite encouraging.

In his comments, Governor Timipre Sylva tasked filmmakers in the country and beyond, to take advantage of the state's rich cultural heritage and tourist potentials by investing in the area. Sylva said films could be shot at several locations that are many in the state, to showcase its rich culture and tourism potentials.

While arguing that the state depicts a typical African setting with fine beaches and rich mangrove forests, the governor said the move would go a long way in promoting the state tourism potentials, as well as providing employment for the people. Sylva observed that the movie industry was a vibrant business, saying that AMAA was a veritable platform in uniting the people of African descents in the Diaspora.

The Governor assured that the hosting of next edition of the movie academy award would be better, as government would have put in place the necessary infrastructure to make it more successful.

"With the issue of militancy coming to an end, Bayelsa will witness unprecedented development. I commend President Umaru Yar'Adua for granting amnesty to all militants," he said.

Earlier, Chief Executive of AMAA, Peace Anyiam-Osigwe, expressed appreciation to Sylva for taking the annual movie award to the present level. Anyiam-Osigwe remarked that it was imperative for Africans to tell their own stories to the globe, in a bid to change the wrong perceptions before the developed countries of the world.

The AMAA boss paid tribute to the late celebrated musician, Mariam Makeba, Francis Agwu, Kwame Ansah and other moviemakers, who passed on during the period under review.

One of the awardees, Funke Akindele, acknowledged that she attained her feat by dint of hard work. She dedicated the award to God and her crew.

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Monday, 6 April 2009

Funke Akindele (Jenifa) is African's Best Actress AMAA 2009-2010

NIGERIA's Funke Akindele has been named by the jury of the 2009 edition of the African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA), as Africa's best actress in a leading role.

Akindele was the jury's choice out of six other actresses nominated in that category, including a Ghanaian and Kenyan. Although, the actress, who interpreted delightfully the role of Jenifa, the lead character in the movie of same title, was not present at the award ceremony at the Integrated Glory Land Cultural Centre in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, a resounding applause greeted her declaration as the continent's best actress for this year. 

But it was Kenyan's day at the award, which was witnessed by Governor Timipre Silva and members of his cabinet. The Kenyan filmmakers made it up the dais five times to receive the highest number of awards of the evening. 

From a Whisper, the movie by Kenyan Director and Scriptwriter, Wanuri Kahiu, which commemorates the 10th anniversary of the infamous August 7, 1998 terrorist bombing in Kenya in which over 250 people died and 5,000 were injured was adjudged the best African film for 2009. 

The movie, which examines the aftermath of the bombing on the lives of the indirect victims of the blast, also got the award for the best screenplay, best director, best editing and best original soundtrack. 

The award night also featured stand-up comic acts and musical performances. Filmmakers from South Africa, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Rwanda and Niger Republic also got rewarded for their artistry in the make-belief world of the movies.

South Africa's Gugu and Andile got the awards for best promising actress and actor category as well as the best film in African Language. 

Uganda received the award for the best film with visual effect with its only entry Battle of the Soul, while Burkina Faso got garlanded for the best animated film with Justin Zerbo's Kono.

Nominations for this year's African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA)

The African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) is an offshoot of the African Film Academy. The Academy founded on the best film tradition, is geared towards research, training and propagating film making in Africa. Behind it are film producers, directors, designers, writers, critics and scholars who share in the belief of a renaissant African film.

AMAA is thus conceptualized as an annual celebration of the brightest and the best in African movie. It is about class and style, blitz, glitz and razzmatazz. It is the biggest gathering of movie makers across the African continent and the diaspora. It is to show to the world that the rating of Nollywood (Nigeria) as the third largest producers of movie is real.

The 2009 edition of the awards billed to hold in Yenagoa, the capital of the oil-rich but politically volatile Niger Delta state of Bayelsa on April 4 2009.

  • Per Second Killer (Nigeria)
  • Coming of Age (Kenya)
  • Santos the survivor (Kenya)
  • Lost in the South (Rwanda)
  • Congo my foot (FAR)


  • Private Files – Egypt
  • Shit on the Rock – Nigeria
  • Grandma’s not Home – South Africa
  • For the Best and for the Onion – Niger
  • Malcom’s Echo – Dami Akinnusi


  • Pamela – Kenya
  • Who is Best? -Zimbabwe
  • The Sharing day – Cameroun
  • Killer Necklace
  • Love Is …


  • Lolo (Burkina Faso)
  • Leila (Burkina Faso)
  • Little Learning is different – Kenya
  • Manani Ogre – Kenya
  • Cheprono – Kenya
  • Wanuri Kahiu - Kenya


  • From a Whisper
  • Battle of the Soul
  • Seventh Heaven
  • Gugu and Andile
  • Grey Focus


  • Cindy’s Note
  • Reloaded
  • Modupe Temi
  • Battle of the Soul
  • From a Whisper


  • Small Boy – Michelle Bello
  • Five Apostles – Ifeanyi Onyeabor
  • Agony of the Christ – Jude Odoh
  • Gugu and Andile – Kay Tickerman
  • Revolution – Eddybongo Uka


  • Agony of the Christ
  • Live to Remember
  • From a whisper
  • The Assassin
  • Ase n’tedumare


  • Five Apostle
  • Battle of the Soul
  • Smoke and Mirrors
  • Agony of the Christ
  • Revolution


  • Arugba
  • Beautiful Soul
  • From a whisper
  • Agony of the Christ
  • Jenifa


  • Litha Booi – Gugu and Andile
  • Mavila Anthana Keriario – Battle of the Soul
  • Ruffy Samuel – Dead End
  • Segun Adefila – Arugba
  • Sherrif Ramzy – Seventh Heaven


  • Bhaira Mcwizu – Cindy’s Note
  • Bukola Awoyemi – Arugba
  • Lydia Farson – Scorned
  • Lungelo Dhladha – Gugu and Andile
  • Mfouemon Bea. Flore – Ma Saah Sah


  • Celia Greenwoood - The Assassin
  • Richard Chukwuma - Small Boy
  • Shanlar Kirunga – Battle of the Soul
  • Samara Milgwi – From a whisper


  • Godfrey Odhiamba – From a whisper
  • Mike Ezuruonye – The Assassin
  • Michel Majid – Agony of the Christ
  • Peter Badejo – Arugba
  • Farouk Alfishawi – Seventh Heaven




  • Stephanie Okereke and Nse Etim – Reloaded
  • Stella Damasus-Aboderin – State of the Heart
  • Corine Onyango – From a whisper
  • Nadia Buari – Agony of the Christ
  • Funke Akindele – Jenifa


  • Femi Adebayo – Apaadi
  • Abubakar Mvenda and Ken Ambani – From a Whisper
  • Neil Mc Carthy – Gugu and Andile
  • Yemi Blaq – Grey Focus
  • Joel Okuyo Prynce – Battle of the Soul


  • Aggie Kebirungi – Battle of the Soul
  • Mercy Johnson – Live to Remember
  • Mosunmola Filani – Jenifa
  • Daphney Hlomoku – Gugu and Andile
  • Chika Ike – The Assassin


  • Gugu and Andile – South Africa
  • Arugba – Nigeria
  • Mah Saah Sa – Cameroun
  • Uyai – Nigeria
  • Apaadi – Nigeria


  • From a Whisper – Marius Van Graan
  • Seventh Heaven - Ramses Marzouk
  • Cindy’s Note – Izu Ojukwu
  • Gugu and Andile –Greg Heimann
  • Battle of the Soul – Stephen Njero and Tony Matomi
  • Saad Hendawy - Egypt


  • Agony of the Christ
  • Apaadi
  • Live to Remember
  • Arugba
  • Seventh Heaven


  • Cindy’s Note – Izu Ojukwu
  • Arugba – Tunde Kelani
  • Beautiful Soul – Tchidi Chikere
  • State of the Heart – Kingsley Omoife and Richard Mofe-Damijo
  • Jenifa – Funke Akindele


  • From a Whisper – Matt Bishanga
  • Seventh Heaven – Zainab Aziz
  • Through the Glass – Stephanie Okereke
  • Reloaded – Emem Isong
  • Beautiful soul – Tchidi Chikere


  • From a Whisper – Kenya
  • Arugba – Nigeria
  • Gugu and Andile – South Africa
  • Battle of the Soul - Uganda
  • Seventh Heaven - Egypt


  • Wanuri Kahiu – From a Whisper (Kenya)
  • Tunde Kelani – Arugba (Nigeria)
  • Minky Schlesinger – Gugu and Andile (South Africa)
  • Matt Bish – Battle of the Soul (Uganda)
  • Saad Hendawy – Seventh Heaven (Egypt)