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Vote OMONI OBOLI for the Future Award Best Actor of the Year: 33120 - NIGERIA; 81696 - UK; 97605 -USA

To all Fans and Friends of OMONI OBOLI,

It is my great pleasure to inform you that OMONI has been nominated as the the future Awards BEST ACTOR OF THE YEAR. This one Nollywood star that has successfully forge a path of her own in the acting world.

This year she has steadily risen and blossomed from the background to increasingly prominent roles in major blockbusters. She featured in several films this year, two of which have been in the cinemas i.e. THE FIGURINE and GUILTY PLEASURES.

To vote for OMONI OBOLI for Best Actor Future Awards Text Omoni Oboli Actor of the Year to 

81696 FOR UK
97605 FOR US

You can also vote online at Thanks for your love and support all. More updates will be coming to you from this platform.

God bless

Exclusive Interview: The rise and rise of Omoni Oboli

As there are stars, starlets and wannabees in the world of make-believe in Nigeria (Nollywood) there is one person who has been able to successfully remove herself from the pack and forge a path of her own in the acting world and that person is Omoni Oboli. This year she has steadily risen and blossomed from the background to increasingly prominent roles in major blockbusters. I decided to do an interview with her to find out more about this rising star.

BA: This has got to be the year of Omoni! You’ve featured in several films this year, two of which have been in the cinemas i.e. The Figurine and Guilty Pleasures. Now you’ve been nominated for Best Actor Futures Award. What do you have to say about that?

OO: I am so blessed to have chosen the right scripts. I am just so thankful to God for everything. I feel like I’m finally getting to where I want to go. ‘The Figurine’, (which is said to be one of the best Nigerian movies to date) has been the high point of my career this year and I am so proud of it. It has done so well in the box office in Nigeria, Ghana and the UK and the reviews have been mind blowing. Guilty pleasures is such a good movie and it’s also doing well in the box office in Nigeria. I am so honoured to have been nominated for the future awards. It’s a very credible award and I would love to win it. So please vote for me y’all.

BA: What was it like acting in the Figurine?
OO: Shooting the Figurine was very exciting. We shot for 3 months in Osun, Ife and an island in Lagos. We stayed at the Miccom golf resort in Osun for a month and we soon became one big happy family. When we got to the island, where we shot for over one month, I was so excited the first day we got there cos it was so exotic but at night fall, the bugs came out to play and my exotic location fast became a nightmare but someone lit a bonfire and we had fun telling stories and playing games around the fire. Before we knew it, another person started roasting yams, and it was really delicious with palm oil. I had the most fun shooting the figurine even though it had so many challenges.

BA: You played Ramsey (Nouah) and Kunle (Afolayan)’s love interest…(plenty of smoochin’ was goin’ on, girl!) how did Mr Oboli take it?
OO: (Laughter) You are so funny. Nnamdi (Oboli)’s a modern day man and he trusts me. He knows its part of my job and it ends when the director says cut. Ramsey and Kunle have become my good friends so they are so easy to work with. And it helps that they are good actors.

BA: Does he come on set with you?
OO: My husband comes on set sometimes when its convenient and he is my biggest fan. He believes more in me than I believe in myself.

BA: When he’s on set and you have to kiss your co-star how do you handle that?
OO: He was actually on set when we were shooting one of my romantic scenes in the figurine but he wasn’t actually in the room where we were shooting. I really don’t know how I’d feel if he were actually in the room.

BA: So how many children do you have?
OO: I have three very boisterous adorable little boys.

BA: I noticed your son (Tobe) featured in the movie with you… what was it like working with him?OO: It was a very nice experience. I watched him do his thing and I was so proud. It wasn’t easy all the way though cos I had to be an actress and a mother at the same time. Tobe wanted to hang out with the adults and I couldn’t let him. He got bored many times and I had to think of ways to entertain him with computer games and story books. He was also missing his brothers, so on my birthday while we were still on the island, my husband came with my other kids and some friends with food and drinks and we all had fun with the cast and crew.

BA: I understand you were in the industry before and you went on a break. When was that and why did you feel the need to do that?
OO: I entered Nollywood in 1996 and I actually enjoyed a very interesting career then playing the lead in some hit movies like ‘Not My Will’, ‘Destined to Die’ and ‘Another Campus Tale’ but I had to leave because I was in my first year in Uni and my shooting schedules were clashing with my academics so I ended up going back to school just before exams. I knew I had to make a choice between Nollywood and getting a degree, so I decided to give acting a rest. I got married right after university and relocated with my hubby to England.

BA: Why did you come back to the industry?
OO: While away, I always had the hunger for my first love which is acting and I knew I wouldn’t be happy doing anything else so when the opportunity came to return to Nigeria, we came back home and to be honest, I tried to do one or two other things, I even got a job in one of these oil companies and the salary was very attractive but I turned it down cos I knew I would never be happy there. I decided to pursue my dream and here I am about 3 years down the line and am so happy that my decision to face acting has paid off.

BA: There’s a question I have just got to ask you… how come you have that many kids and you’re a size ZERO! You do diet and exercise don’t you? Cos with this killer bod….

OO: I’m not a size zero!! (Laughter) I’m just a very big advocate for healthy living. I run a diet and fitness business on the side so I practise what I preach. I watch what I eat and I exercise to stay fit and healthy. God has just been good to me I must say.

BA: Back to the Future Award… how did you feel hearing you were nominated?
OO: When I got the call that I had been nominated for the future awards, I was so excited. I really admire the organisers of this award and would love to be associated with them so I pray I win this one. To vote for me for Best Actor Future Awards Text Omoni Oboli Actor of the Year to 33120 for Nigeria, for the Uk on 81696 & US on 97605.

BA: So how do your fans get in touch with you if they want to?
OO: Well, I have a website ( its a fun networking site where my friends and fans network with me and each other. We usually have fun chatting and making friends. I am also in partnership with some NGO while I am floating mine to help the underprivileged in the society.

BA: Any new projects you’re working on?
OO:I am working on a script now for my production next year. It will be shot in the early part of next year and am really excited about it. I am so blessed to have friends and fans who care so deeply about me. I love you all and I will not go back on my word to only appear in good movies. Thanks for standing with me. Without you, I won’t be here today. Thanks y’all! Keep smiling!

BA: Thanks so much for chatting with me!
OO: You’re very welcome!
By Bola Aduwo

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


When you talk of scandal-free actresses in Nigeria, as well as those with a sense of decency, the likes of Chioma Chukwuka will readily come to mind.  This Anambra State born screen goddess is no doubt a viewer’s delight ... any day. She made her first appearance years ago and had since moved to the top of her career as an actress and a singer.

She is among the 26 contestants of the FACE of HOPE Project. Your vote for her to be the Face of Hope 2010 will surely be need to make her dreams come through. Her ultimate aim according to her is to make a huge difference in the lives of less privileged people in Africa.

Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha. Alluring, Hardworking , Passionate, Honest and Articulate. Wife , Mother , Actor , Compere and a Home-manager. A graduate of banking and finance of Lagos State University.
Shot her first movie in year 2000.
Winner AAMA Best Actress 2007. Ambassador Globacom Telecommunication. Enjoys singing, cooking travelling and making new friends. Blessed with an adorable husband and two lovely children

The Face of Hope Project, a-volunteer-based non-profit, non-religious, non political organization established to give hope to the hopeless and help to the helpless, taking the less-privileged African children off the streets and providing them with free qualitative education.

The Face of Hope Project seeks to search for an Ambassador that will champion the campaign against child illiteracy in Nigeria and Africa. The project also works to rekindle the passion and love for Country, seeking personal reflections on ways of bettering our Nation. Re branding can only come from positive attitudinal change, thus the debate to select the Ambassador is strictly a positive Nigeria Initiative. This search will be done among 26 top Nigerian Actors/Actresses; TV, Sports, Motivational and Inspirational Personalities; Musicians and Stand up Comedians.

To vote for Chioma Chukwuka send
foh Chioma
to 35810 (Glo & Zain)
33810 (MTN)

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Friday, 4 December 2009

More women are wanted in the Film Industry - Ego Boyo

 As a way of encouraging more women to venture into the film industry, Temple Productions is organised a workshop for women in film and those who are trying to break into the industry. The workshop held yesterday, December 3, 2009 in Lagos.

Reel Women: A workshop for Female Filmmakers, aimed at educating women creatively on the opportunities in film production.
“Women have always been involved in various aspects of film making and are becoming more and more involved in production. And now more than ever, opportunities exist because of the pioneering efforts of a few,” said Ego Boyo, veteran female actress and managing director of Temple Productions. “There is a need to maximize these opportunities by creating a forum to enlighten and empower women interested in a career in film and for those already in the Industry.”

Ego Boyo, who also doubles as the initiator of the Reel Women, described the workshop as “a passionate idea conceived to manage the challenges faced by female film makers.”

Organisers argue that the workshop will provide an invaluable opportunity for networking and a platform for mentorship by renowned film directors, producers, financiers, script writers, legal luminaries, and actresses in the industry, at no cost to the beneficiaries.

There will be discussions on issues like sexual harassment, talent development, and other salient challenges women go through in the film industry. The one-day workshop will also feature break out and mentoring sessions as well as speeches on a wide range of topics, like how to break into the industry, personal comportment, style, and everything in between.

Speakers at the workshop include film director and writer, Amaka Igwe; award winning actresses Kate Henshaw Nuttall and Joke Silva,  and Ifeoma Williams, an image consultant; and Sandra Oyewole, a Partner at Oyewole & Co, among others.

Speaking with one of the speakers at the workshop on the telephone yesterday, the person of Kate Henshaw Nuttall, ' the workshop was really fantastic, it went well and was such an interesting programme that people people did not even bother about the time. Hopefully, the workshop will be holding more often...she said, with a lot of excitement in her.

Temple Productions has been at the forefront of pioneering innovations in the film industry. The company recently signed a partnership agreement with a South African-based production company, to help enhance its output. It is now working with international film consultants to reinvigorate the Nigerian film industry with modern equipment and value added services. Temple Productions aims to produce internationally acceptable films in Nigeria.