Saturday, 31 October 2015

Fri/20 & Sun/22/Nov: AY LIVE 2015 UK TOUR with FLAVOUR (London & Manchester) Ft : AY COMEDIAN, HELEN PAUL, GORDONS, I GO DYE & More

Fri/20 & Sun/22/November: AY Live 2015 UK Tour with FLAVOUR (London & Manchester)
Lighthouse, 264-274 Camberwell Rd, London, SE5 0DP

The Birdcage, Withy Grove, Manchester, M4 3AQ
7PM / TICKETS: £20/£35/£50
Ticket Hotlines: 
07813 455579, 07794 288054, 07545 802604, 07878 202481
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Friday, 30 October 2015

PRESS RELEASE: Toyin Moore's CAPTIVATED Premiered in Lagos on Saturday 24th October 2015 won the Best Directed film at the BEFFTA AWARDS 2015

The Lagos Premiere of TOYIN MOORE'S Captivated Film took place on Saturday 24th October 2015 at thePrestigious Silverbird Galleria in Victoria Island ,Lagos .
 It was well a very colourful event well attended by a mixture of entertainment and business persons among whom was Paul Obazele,who made a very strong speech commending the sterling work by UK Nollwood Director producer Toyin Moore and the brilliant Actors featured in the film

The film ended with a standing ovation from all, Its indeed a new dawn as UK Nollywood debutes in Nigeria.

Notable also was the massive presence of media agencies interviewing the dignitaries present , among whom are KEN SMART EXECUTIVE PRODUCER and LEAD ACTOR of the film , Lydia Tet Olet the Script writer and Actress. Lydia a British Kenyan was elated as it was her first Nollywood experience

The Host was Evangelist Elishama Ideh whose story is been depicted in the film ,a woman with many sides ,worthy of note is her NGO ELISHAMA MINITRIES which caters to less privileged and disadvantaged people.she did a fantastic job in hosting this memorable event. 

Ken Smart played the lead role alongside Toyin Moore and Rosaline Ajose-Sanni.The film ended with a standing ovation from all, This is obviously a sign of things to come from UK Nollywood .

See the Premiere Photos after the Cut

The next stop is America as CAPTIVATED has been screened in London ,Lagos and now going to the US . .

Captivated Won the Best Director in the just gone BEFFTA 2015. It was nominated for various categories including; Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Actor and Best Actress. 

Kudos to you guys. Congrats to Ken Smart, Toyin Moore, Lydia Olet and Rosaline Sanni-Ajose and the rest of the Captivated Team

Directed By Toyin Moore
DOP Sunkanmi Oduwole
Script writer Lydia Tet Olet
Producer Toyin Moore
Executive Producer Ken Smart ,Toyin Moore and Lydia Tet Olet
Post production Nash Media

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Sat/24/Oct: The Lagos Premiere of CAPTIVATED, a Story of Elishama Ideh. Feat. Ken Smart, Toyin Moore, Roseline Ajose-Sanni @ Silverbird Galleria, Victoria Island Lagos, Nigeria.

The Lagos Premiere of 


A true life story of Evangelist Elishama Ideh, Produced and Directed by Toyin Moore



Ken Smart,Toyin Moore, Roseline Sanni, Funmi Ogidan-Bello, Cordelia Emeh, Malcolm Benson, Kevwe Ogunje, Oloja-com Oladapo Opayinka, Jedidah David, Doyin Amodu Kandé Fatoumata, Victoria Abraham, Lydia Olet, Rich Daniel Don, Yolanda Sanda, Ethel Fritz. 

Introducing: Chiedu Nwanze, Ekene Francis, Sesan Fakoya Mayowa Oluyede, Falilat Mustapha, Amir Hughes, Helen Atoim and much more 


Silverbird Galleria, Victoria Island Lagos, Nigeria.


Saturday/24/October 2015. 


Red Carpet/Cocktail/Media Event from 5pm 

Screening: 7:30pm


=N=10,000 or $45.00
+234 802 336 5094
Official Trailer


Captivated is a true life Story!

Its about a family that were completely held in the grip of forces stronger than them. their pursuit of happiness and the seeming impossible search for true love. 
Elizabeth and her Husband Andy, were the couple of the century so to speak. Blessed with 4 children 3 boys and a girl. Gradually the near perfect life was torn to shreds and rose the daughter was driven into ANGEROUS WATERS, in her quest for true love, she found love in the most unexpected way or did she?
DOP: Sukie Oduwole

Script: Lydia Olet

Director/Producer: Toyin Moore

Executive Producers: Ken Smart,Toyin Moore & Lydia Tett Olet

MEDIA CONSULTANTS: Femtej Kreations Media, UK