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US-based Nigerian movie maker, Chuck Ajoku, has shot a movie in his quest to bridging the gap between Nollywood and Hollywood

US-based Nigerian movie maker, Chuck Ajoku, has shot a movie in his quest to bridging the gap between Nollywood and Hollywood. Taking a gamble though, he did not feature the familiar faces in the movie industry, but rather, he looked the other way when he shot a Nigerian film in the US, using a cast that he technically believed would fit the picture better than any other Nigerian-based actor or actress.
Chuck informed that the cast used were based on the story line. “We have a guy who is supposed to have lived all his life in US, or who has stayed there for a long time, and must be a Nigerian, Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa, and must be able to move from our dialect to the American English.
“The only thing that got me into this industry is that we are not trying to make a change, we are trying to polish what we have.”
On ‘Unwanted Guest’, many have not seen the actor Chuck used, but he says Chet Anekwe is an A-list actor.
“He has done about 10 Nollywood movies abroad and he is one of the few that has moved from Nollywood to Hollywood.
“Every American who has watched this movie has done so because of Chet. He played a major role in Monique’s “Phat Girls”. A lot of people were interested in his nationality and personality. He encouraged the growth of this industry. I needed to show Nigerians that this guy is hot in US.”
He told R he bears no grudge against Nigerian-based actors and actresses, insisting that “if Jim Iyke shows up in US today, we will honour him. Same goes for Omotola or Genevieve. I will see Genevieve before I look at Julia Roberts. I will see Omotola before I think of Halle Berry. I encourage my own people. I like them all, but stars do not have to take the industry to the grave
“The reason we are not showing in the American cinemas is because we are using the wrong people as the right cast, and the right cast for the wrong people. If you a Jamaican, and there’s a role for a Jamaican in a Nigerian movie, get a Jamaican to do it. He wouldn’t force it.
“The movie also doesn’t have anything to do with A-list actors, it’s looking for a Nigerian family that migrated to the US and what their lives and struggle was all about
“If we keep putting back the same faces everyday in the different movies the we do, without encouraging the young ones who are working hard day and night, what will happen to the industry when these people are no longer acting? They take the industry with them, and that will kill the industry.
Leigh Ann Rose, the lead actress in the movie praised Chuck for the opportunity he has opened for new stars. “It is a new order,” she says.
“When there are no more Iykes, Genevieves, Omotolas, there must be an Ngozi or Bola or Halima,” she adds.


Written by Kate Henshaw | Publised on Saturday Vanguard 24th Sept 2011

Who are the people in your neighbourhood? They are the people that we meet when we are walking down the street; they are the people that we meet each day.
During the week, blackberry messengers were agog with links about a gruesome rape of a young lady by 5boys/men who are students of Abia State University. These boys raped the girl in turns for an hour supposedly and filmed it and then uploaded for all to see. Where did this brazen courage to perform such a dastardly act and then boast about it come from? Could it be that they knew that they were untouchable and it would be swept under the carpet and nothing would be done about it like many such ills in our society that go unpunished? I did not want to watch it as they were warnings that if you did not have the stomach for it then you should not view this sick video. Finally I summed up the courage to look at it and I was in tears, my heart stopped for a minute, sick to my stomach! I thought of my daughter and I shuddered to think that would ever happen to her because, God help me, I would seek out the perpetrators and make them pay with their lives! I would not rest till justice was done!
The Minister of Youth Development, Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi in a National daily dated the 9th of September, directed the Vice Chancellor of Abia State University, Uturu, Prof Chibuzo Ogbuagu to step up efforts in arresting and prosecuting those who allegedly rough handled and sexually exploited a young lady in the institution. Further information filtered in that the Abia State Govt want to sweep the rape case under the carpet saying that the rapists and victim are not students of the said institution. Do they have to be students of the University? They are citizens of the state, and a crime was committed in the state. Surely the girl in question is deserving of protection. The police should be instructed to bring the rapists to book. My question now is, will the young lady have the courage to come forward and speak and also point out the names and faces of these 5boys? It is obvious she knows her attackers as she called them by name and was constantly begging for them to let her go or kill her. Or would she hide her head in shame because the society will look at her in pity, shame and disdain? Will her family or guardian stand with her and believe her story and not say she asked for it because she is wayward or they would rather tell her to keep quiet for fear of what people around them will think and say about them?
It happens all over the world and only those with courage will walk into the police station or relevant authority to seek redress. The police abroad however will immediately take the lady to the hospital for a medical examination and get evidence in the form of DNA and fluids deposited in the lady during the act and that way, they can profile the suspects and bring them in for questioning. What will our Nigerian police do?  Do we have any criminal data with regards to rapists? Almost three months after Titi Arowolo’s gruesome murder, the case is still under investigation, the pathological result is yet to be delivered! Why is it taking so long? Who is in charge and why are they not performing their duty to speed up the process so that her remains can be laid to rest? What do they have to gain from this delay? Is it a case of man –know- man and they want to delay for as long as possible so that we forget and nothing is done to her husband the murderer?? There are so many questions, so little answers.
What will it take to be your neighbour’s keeper, to love you neighbour and to care about what happens around us? We all have a mother, daughter, sister, aunty in our lives and how would we feel if it happened to them? Of course we would not be silent. Those of us who have the wherewithal will move heaven and earth and leave no stone unturned till we got our pound of flesh. The bible tells us to love our neighbour as ourselves, are we doing that? It is not enough to get dressed on Sunday or any other day that we go to our place of worship and lift up our hands to our God singing praise songs to Him when we have turned a blind eye to the plight of our neighbour. The change we seek starts with us in our own little or big space.
The mode of communication these days is so advanced that it is easy for good and bad news to get around quicker, what with BBMs, internet, etc. Xplore Nollywood Assembly (a blackberry group) released this communiqué: Rape is a heinous crime against humanity. It is an act of dehumanization. In all sense, it is morbid and represents a manifestation of the highest crudity in man. We condemn in its entirety the recent act of five young men raping a young girl and subsequently posting same on the net. We therefore call on all relevant authorities to put all efforts in order to fish out these demons. This wicked crime should not be treated with levity. The Abia State Govt should do more than deny the obvious. Rape is rape whether they are students or not. This criminal act must not be politicized. We demand an all embracing action by law enforcement agencies against the perpetrators of this crime.

Van Vicker attempts his luck in music career

Actor cum producer Van Vicker will in no time prove to Ghanaian and African musicians that he is capable of singing as he is currently working towards releasing a 12-track album.
Even though Van had reportedly denied reports that he was recording with another Ghanaian artiste Stay Jay of ‘Shashiwowo’ fame.

According to the source, he was recording with Lynx Entertainment and had so far recorded a number of songs. “The album will be a collection of different genres of music including Pop, Afro pop and Hip Life. He is not sure how he will call the album yet. But all will depend on the final product,” the source said.
The music is being recorded at a time when there are a lot of media reports about him, especially on his alleged brawl with actress Tonto Dike.

It is most likely his lyrical content will highlight some of his experiences with the media and also clarify issues on how he wants it to be.
Some entertainment observers said it would be suicidal if he took on the media through his songs. Meanwhile his decision to sing follows a trend in Nigeria where almost every actor wants to sing.
Omotola Jalade, Genevieve Nnaji, Patience Ozokwor, Jim Iyke, Nkem Owoh, Stella Damasus and a number of others have albums to their credit. In Ghana, Agya Koo, Mr. Beautiful and Mercy Asiedu are known for their singing prowess.
Van just wrapped up the shoot of his latest movie. He told Citi FM he would change the working title,’ Distance’.

He also said his eight-year-old daughter also shocked him in the movie with the way she handled a crying scene, noting she made him realize that she would become a chip of the old block. His son is however not gifted with acting so he wants him to play football.
What do you think? Should he really try hands on with music or concentrate solely on acting?


Mike Ezuronye celebrates the turn of another year to his life

Star actor, Mike Ezuruonye added a year on Wednesday, September 21,2011 and the handsome movie star who was on location where he threw a small bash to celebrate the day with his colleagues on location with him.
It was a night party filled with fun with the major refreshments as drinks and roasted meat.
The actor plans to organize a bigger bash when he returns to Lagos in south western Nigeria and is already drafting up a long list of celebrities for the occasion.
From young baby Mike to handsome father Mike, lol.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Written By Kate Henshaw | Published on Saturday Vanguard 17th Sept 2011

When I was approached to write this article, I did not think I could do it. My first attempt at writing anything was at the behest of my sister’s friend, Nonye, to write for a free paper Wakapedia. I wrote on fitness. I was asked to come up with a name for this column and I hooked up with two good friends, Folake and Funke. We kept vigil for 3days and 3nights before the light bulb went off in Folake’s brain and she whispered it but Funke echoed/shouted it out and the name SOULKATE was born! Sorry folks, I tweaked it a bit, (laugh out loud). It took only a few minutes for the name to be born and so here I am. Now that I have hit the limelight so to speak, now that I have the power of the pen as they say it is mightier than the sword, will I wield it against all those who have sought my downfall in the past or will I use it to correct the ills in our society and contribute my own quota towards making Nigeria a better place for us all to inhabit? Time will tell.

Power they say corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Why does having power and money translate to lording it over the other who does not have? Why does it translate to the ‘money-less’ and powerless feeling the full weight of brutality and uncaring attitude from the powerful?
In a marriage where two have sworn before God and man that they will love and cherish, honour and protect through sickness and health, be there for each other, how bad does it get that those vows just don’t mean a thing anymore? Surely if it is not working out, each one can go their separate ways without fear or favour and without rancour. If the husband has the power over the wife as the head of the home and she has to submit to his will, why then will he not use that power for good and not evil? I believe it is unfair not to allow your wife/spouse to explore her own dreams, if she wants to (for those who would rather stay home and then have tea at cactus by noon time every day, I say good luck). She too needs to be fulfilled apart from being a wife and mother, maybe she wants to fly over the moon, who knows.
A single mother also faces challenges in that she is alone without the “support” of a stable man whom she can call hers; she also wants to provide for herself and her child without having to compromise. Here comes the one she thinks will be there for her and her child but he has another at home who has borne him children. He has the power and the money to give you that ‘castle in the air’ but you must be subject to his rules and regulations, nothing  goes for nothing , no visitors to the house (whether male or female), no outings unless you have given 3weeks notice, while he does as he pleases and this is meant to be love?
In the work place it is no different, power holds sway here and you must ‘bend’ to the rules or be shown the door. You must let your ‘oga’ fondle you whenever he so wishes or be relegated to the filing section. You must be willing to do the unthinkable just to show you are worthy of the position you got. If perchance a woman with beauty, brains and brawn gets to the pinnacle of success in her career, her own power is attributed to her backside.
Why must there always be a Sword of Damocles hanging over one when you do not have power and money?  Proverbs 3:27 says “Withhold not good from them to whom it is due, when it is in the power of thine hand to do it”. Having power and money and using it for a greater good will make the world a much better place for all, it would rid the world of evil and heal the pains that so many go through on a daily basis. It would bring blessings untold to the giver and succour to the receiver. Power is also transient and can at anytime be taken away by Him who has the real power, God Almighty.

I dedicate this article to these two wonderful women (Christy Essiens Igbokwe and Titilayo Arowolo), both married, both had children, one the husband loved till death and the other the husband caused the death. I pray their gentle souls rest in perfect peace. Amen.



 Kate Henshaw | Published on Saturday Vanguard 10th Sept 201

Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink the popular saying goes. In the land of plenty, we seem to be lacking tremendously in virtually every area of need. We are reduced to trying extra hard to make ends meet.
At a modest count or rather attempt on statistics, over 50% of Nigerians have more than one mobile phone and are subscribing to more than one mobile network. Abroad when I lay my phones out ready to receive a call, neighbour who lives across the road from me, Janice, always exclaims at the sight of more than one phone. I wonder why this is so?

On Saturday the 3rd of September, I went to the DSTV office on Tiamiyu Savage to pay subscription for my decoders at home which were to expire on the 4th and 8th of September respectively. Little did I know that I was being too diligent in trying to be a good customer, free of debt et al. There began my frustration. I left there to the Palms where I purchased a brand new tear rubber television for my sister and when I got home, she connected it and then exclaimed that the decoder was saying “E16 currently scrambled”! I was shocked and could not speak for a few seconds. I felt betrayed and unappreciated that my good work had been repaid in a bad coin. After all the subscription had not expired and it was working fine till I had to be a Miss goody-two-shoes. I promptly called my guy who installs all the decoders in the house and there was a back and forth for almost 4hours and then it started working. It was just the beginning, I got back from church the next day and then the decoder which was due on the 8thof September was now showing a red light. I called the customer service number to no avail and then tired as I was drove down to their office again to complain, I was then informed that my decoder was among the few that needed an upgrade and that I had to bring it in and I was livid, why was I not told this when I came to make payment on Saturday? I headed back home and thankfully switched on my Hitv decoder and started to watch my Hinolly Yoruba. I was beat and could not be bothered.

This year’s rainy season has been quite harrowing if the rain of July 10th, 2011 is anything to go by. If you had a saloon car (no matter the model or manufacturer) and you did not experience the frustration at not being able to ride your car through the flood, did not receive the huge bill from your mechanic, then you must be living in another country or planet. Surely most people would have thought of getting a jeep as we call it here in Nigeria on an SUV as it
 is called abroad.


Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Cara 'Títílayò' Harshman
Its coming on again this year, Yes! The 2nd Edition of Yoruba Heritage Awards 2011. One of the Biggest Awards Event in the UK  This Award ceremony is mainly to recognise and reward excellence and achievements of Yoruba Sons and Daughters in the Diaspora.

 The Yoruba Heritage Awards is an annual award made to recognize and reward excellence and outstanding achievement by individuals and groups Awards are giving to those who have regularly devoted their time to helping others in the community, improving the quality of life, creating opportunities for others to excel and providing outstanding service either individually or professionally.
Mr Bidemi Alaran, MC Extra-Ordinaire
& Ace  Movie Producer

The second Yoruba Heritage Awards is scheduled to hold on the Friday, 14th of October 2011
This Year's Award Ceremony will be Hosted by One Top Toast Masters in the UK, He is also a Movie Producer and the CEO of Matrix Entertainment, the person of Mr Abidemi Alaran. He is expected to bring a professional touch and Humour to this upscale event. Cara 'Titilayo' Harsham a White American lady who speaks Yoruba fluently will be adding her presence to the night with her real Yoruba language.

The nomination process is still going on and is open to persons of Yoruba ancestry at home and abroad; those who have made a mark in their communities and (or) in their fields of endeavor and have in the process promoted the Yoruba culture.
The central aim of YHA is to build a platform to educate and promote Yoruba culture globally while supporting and celebrating those that have displayed leadership, patriotism and love for their heritage and serving as a model of cultural diplomacy, peace and tolerance for this generation and those to come. The 2011 festivities will be taken place in London, England at “Lighthouse” on Friday Oct 14, 2011. Red carpet starts 5pm, awards ceremony commences at 7pm.

Yoruba Heritage Awards celebrating its 2nd year has determined to promote and celebrate their fellow Hero’s and Heroines of Yoruba ancestry based abroad.
Categories vary from Entertainment to corporate sector

Voting is still in session for the nominees, for more info visit


Life Achievement Awardees
Are Afe Babalola

Recognition Awardees

Yoruba Man of The Year 
Asiwaju Bola  Ahmed Tinubu

Best Yoruba Senator of The Year
Senator Olorunnibe Mamora
Corporate Category

Chief Femi Adekola- World Bank

Senator Eng. Anthony Adefuye- Chairman, Aresco LTD

-Property -
Mr. Bode Adedeji- President, Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyor and Value.
Dr Rotimi Olulana- Managing Director, Rolan and Associate

Hon Tunji Shelle- Secretary, PDP Lagos State

Chief John Kolawale- Secretary General, Trade Union Congress
Comrade Tokunbo Korodo- Zonal Chairman, NUPENG Lagos State

-Road Safety-
Mr. Patrick Adenusi –National Cordinator, 

Safety Border Road

Artistry/Culture Category
Professor Tunde Babawale
Professor Rasaki Ojo Bakare- Abuja Carnival
Otunba Gani Adams- Chief Promoter, Olokun Festival
Comrade (DR) Aderibole Philip Olumide- Founder, CEO Yoruba Indigene Foundation

Media Category
Mrs. Oluremi Oyo- MD Nigerian News Agency
Mr. Deji Elemoye- Chairman of Nigerian Union of Journalist, Lagos State

Best Television Presenter of The Year
Mrs. Yinka Ogundimu-

Best Yoruba Program of The Year
Owurolawa on LTV 8-

Best Male Music Producer of The Year
Oluwalere Taiwo Gbenga Leo

Charitable Category
Bishop Kayode Williams- Founder-Prison Welfare

Education Category
Lady Modupe Olaiya- Proprietress, Shadel Group of Schools

Non- Yoruba Award
Ms. Stella Din- Media, Broadcast Journalism Award
Barrister Onu Eke Uche- Fmr. Secretary, Consumer Right Project Award in Consumer Promotion in Nigeria

United Kingdom

Achievement  Awardees

Entertainment Category
 Mr .Adebayo Jones- Fashion
Baba Najeed Mayegun- Boxing

Recognition Awardees

Best Male Fundraiser of The Year
Mr. Sam Onigbanjo

Corporate Category
Mrs. Nikki Seyi Ojikutu –Nursing

Media Category
Mr. Ogundele- Director of Media, UN- Austria/Chairman-NIDO Austria

United States/Canada

Achievement Awardees

Entertainment Category
Mr. Fatai Atere MON- Sports Achievement Award
Mr. Ademola Oyefeso- Entertainment Achievement Award

Corporate Category
Dr. Olufunmilayo Olopade –Health Achievement Award (US Cancer Advisory Board-Obama Administration)
Ambassador Abiodun Bashua- Achievement Award in Politics

Recognition Awardees

Entertainment Category
 Mr.Segun Olaleye aka Segun Gele- Fashion Recognition Awards –USA
Hajia Mariam Alli - Fashion Recognition Award – Canada
 Chief Yinka Farinde- Best Promoter- Canada
 Mr. Waheed Adelakun aka Wadeco- Best Promoter –USA

Hospitality Recognition Award –USA
Mrs. Moji Adewale aka Mama Duncan

Yoruba Youth of The Year
Mr. Seyi Ogunlusi- President/Founder Yoruba Youth Corporation

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Turn Your Acting Dreams Into Reality With Golden Stars Production UK


The Unique TALENT SEARCH "Bringing Nollywood to the UK"

Golden Stars Production is a UK based Production Outfit and about to shoot a movie in the UK.

They are Searching for vibrant, upcoming and aspiring actors to cast in roles for the movie.

Auditions will be held in form of a talent search / a reality show where the winners are then given roles in the movie.

"This is your chance to turn your acting dreams into reality. The Unique Talent Search is looking for aspiring actors and actresses to be part of a massive Nollywood film to be shot in the UK"

DATES: 28 & 29th Oct, 4, 5, 6 & 7th November 201

VENUE: To be confirmed!

For More Info Contact: 07956187569/ 07538352175


FB FAN GROUP: (Click to join for regular information)

*****You do not have to be based in the UK for you to be part of this Audition. Log on to the website now and download the form NOW!******

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OM: Lets have both your impressions of the Elegant Ms Ellen Thomas, whom our Community will be Honoring & Celebrating for her Achievements & as a Role Model at 'An Audience With A Celebrity!' Event on Friday 9th Sept?
Ms Ellen Thomas, Veteran Actress/Entertainment Icon
PD - Wow! Where does one start? Ms Ellen Thomas is indeed a true veteran in her profession as a seasones Actress, who has indeed seen it all and done it all as it were, so experience is one of the great asset she brings with her. Also she has the ability to inspire us all non-stop! I really respect her as a dea friend and as a colleague in the Entertainment/Television Industry! In addition to all these accolades she is very very humble and a real trooper, who stands tall as a Positive Role Model to both her Peers and the younger Generation! 

SO - I am so excited, overwhelmed and nervous that I will be in the illustrious presence of one of the UK’s top leading actresses and celebrities Ms Ellen Thomas. She has clearly shown that through hard work and determination that a black actress can make it within mainstream acting. She is an easily recognisable face from her role in Teachers, Casualty and of course the UK’s biggest soap East Enders. I am continuously counting down the days till September 9th when I will have the opportunity to not only meet and greet acting royalty but I along with another leading celebrity Princess Deun would have the opportunity to ask questions of Ms Thomas that nobody has ever had  the opportunity to ask before, I just can’t wait. Princess Deun is a leading light within the entertainment industry and is a role model that every budding actor looks up to for guidance and as an inspiration.
Princess Deun Adedoyin-Solarin, Host: Princess of Arize! - Co-Compere

 OM: How are you preparing for your role as Co-Compere at the upcoming 'An Audience With A Celebrity!' Event?

PD - Quite frankly, the preparation for such an eent as An Audience With A Celebrity! is an on-going thing. I am trying my very best to cross all the T's and dot all the I's, hopefully leaving no stone un-turned! Also with someone as versatile as my Co-Compere Sola Oyebade 'Mr Mahogany' himself, I think I have absolutely nothing to worry about!

OM: What are your feelings about joining forces with a woman as Co-Compère?

SO - I suppose I am lucky in that due to the nature of my work I work with women every day of my life. However I be honest and say there are women and their are women and working with the woman I call HRH (her royal highness), Princess Deun  is a dream come true. Princess Deun is a celebrity within her own rights, a woman with numerous years of experience of the entertainment industry, a woman that is a mentor  for many of us and someone that you can also go to for guidance. I am looking to this experience as a learning experience where I will be learning from the master and I intend to pick up tips so that I can use them in the future. It is an honour and a privilege to work with an award winning, veteran broadcaster and TV personality.

OM: Do you find working alongside a man intimidating or are you very much up to the task?

PD - OMG! I have been in the Media Profession for over 35yrs and way back when I started in 1975, there were very few women in the industry, so I ended up working with a lot of Men, I didnt feel intimidated then as a young person, so that is not going to happen now! After all I di mention above that my Co-Compere Sola is very versatile, but apart from that in his line of work he works  with women all the time. And if I may say so he is every inch a complete gentleman, who I always say is brave enough to work with women & Man enough to wear Pink!

OM:Can you give us some of the interesting line ups for the night?

SO - Whenever ZEDAKAH Entertainment & FEMTEJ Kreations put on an event you can be sure that it will be an evening of great entertainment and the best of the best performing. Music will be supplied by one of London's leading DJ’s, DJ Dennis & the 'MIS-TRI' Band. Of course we need to make sure there is laughter at the event and comedienne Obonjo will be making sure we are in stitches. This is a participative show so we will be having things that ensure our guests are actively involved in the event from raffle draws to win business flight tickets to Africa, a great day out with Ms Ellen whilst she is filming on location. It’s a great chance to get dressed up and walk the red carpet, take pictures with the numerous VIP’s and celebrities that will be in attendance as well as eat and drink and of course you won’t leave empty handed as you would go home with a lovely goody, but that would not be before you have shake a leg at one of the hottest after parties in town.
Mr Sola Oyebade, Mahogany International - Co-Compere
OM: From the viewpoint of a TV & Media Celebrity, why is this recognition of celebrities in our community so relevant, and any reason there was none like this before?

PD - There is a quote from an address I made in 2008 at the World Economic Summit(WES) and I quote "As is universally acknowledged, no one can tell the story of a place or a people as well and as accurately as the main characters or actors. Therefore it is our main quest to forge a better and clearer understanding of the many issues that affect people of African and Caribbean descent, within UK's Multi-Cultural Community. There are stories that need to be told, Wrongs to be righted, Questions to be Answered, Matters to be explained, Claims to be made, People and Achievements to be acknowledged, Events to be celebrated, Bridges to be built and of course a Journey to be embarked on in recognition & honour of who we are as a people and what we have achieved and contributed to the wider Society. As no one else will do this for us, the organisers of 'An Audience With A Celebrity!' have taken it upon ourselves to correct this anomaly, by creating this plaform to Celebrate our own Icons, Heroes, Role Models & Celebrities.

OM: As a Fashion & Style Icon yourself, what do you expect folk to be wearing to this much talked about event?

SO- I am expecting that everyone would be dressed to kill, elegant and glamorous, trendy and stylist. It is going to be one of those nights that if you had a best dressed competition you would not be able to find a winner as nearly everyone that attends would be a potential winner. It is so bad that I don't even know what to wear so that I don't look out of place or underdressed – if anyone can help please do

OM:  Both of you are Celebrities in your own rights, who are very familiar with hosting high profile events, so what would your parting shots be to our vast readers & your teeming fans out there on who a Role Model is?

SO - Mr Mahogany’s perspective of whom a role model is very simple Ms Ellen Thomas – if you have the following qualities that she has then you can be a role model to anyone that aspires to be like you. A role model must be patient and giving, kind and thoughtful, doing something that others feel is worthwhile, lead by example, avoid negativity or bad press, be inspirational and have a great story to tell of achievement overcoming adversity
PD - All one needs to do is to ponder on the true meaning of both words - 'ROLE & MODEL'. When we look around us, there are very few Role Models left and this is not a good thing at all! I believe that the Thinkers, Creative Minds & Philosophers amongst us are the ones that influence society for change; therefore a Role Model is a positive Change Agent. We need not look too far, as I agree 100% with Sola 'Mr Mahogany' that Ms Ellen Thomas ticks all the right boxes needed to be called a Role Model of our times. Though 'An Audience With A Celebrity!' promises to be a fun-filled, exciting & glamorous night, there is also a serious side to the event,  I therefore implore everyone attending, especially the younger Generation to sieze the opportunity of hearing Ms Ellen Thomas share the 'SECRETS of Her SUCCESS' on 9th of Sept!

Source: Femtej Kreations Media Blog

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Exclusive Online Media Interview with the Veteran Actress Ms Ellen Thomas

By Teju Ibukunoluwa

The long awaited prestigious event is drawing near, An Audience With A Celebrity! showcasing the Top Veteran Actress, Entertainment Icon and TV/Film personality, MS ELLEN THOMAS!. Here is the recent Online Media Interview with her. Enjoy!

OM: When did your Acting career start? Was it something you always wanted to do or something you just drifted into?

ET: I started acting over many years ago. I started as a ballet dancer, doing small saturday shows for family and friends. When I was 12 years  old my ballet teacher told me I was good enough to try and make a career of ballet dancing. I was blown away, to my 12 year old mind to make a career and get paid for doing something i loved was incredible.


OM:Tell us about your very first movie. We were told that you are also quite versatile with Comedy, is it true?

ET: The first movie I did was " BLACK JOY" I was at drama/ballet college and we were given permission to audition for paid
work during the Easter, Summer, and Xmas holidays. I was chosen to play a small speaking role in the film BLACK JOY.

OM: Have you done any movies outside UK? Which one? Where? And what was the experience like?

ET: The movie I remember doing outside the UK was " SECRET LAUGHTER OF WOMEN" which starred Colin Firth and
Nia Long. it was set in the African expats community in the south of France. We filmed in Grasse near Cannes.
The expereince was priceless, as far as the cast and crew were concerned. The Producers and the Director on the other 
hand was a different story all together.

OM: The African Caribbean Community in the UK recommended you to the organizers of ‘An Audience With A Celebrity’! hence you are to be to Honored for your Professional achievements in the industry and your contributions as a Role Model within the community at the debut of this spectacular event, which also happens to be the very first of its kind in African/Caribbean UK Community. Did you see this coming? How do you feel about such an honor?

ET: AAWAC is by far the most exciting event this year. I am speechless and humbled by the honour. I am Thankful to God
for it is only by His Grace and Mercy that I have been blessed with this honour.
AAWAC is especially significant and valuable to me because, its coming from the African and Caribbean community.
OM: What is your opinion about the up-coming event and your expectations at ‘An Audience with a Celebrity’!? Do you think it’s a good concept to be looked forward too?

ET: I am so excited by the AAWAC honour I can barely contain my excitement, especially as somany of my actor collegues
and friends, movie directors, writers, models are all going to be in attendance on the 9th of September 2011. I am over-whelmed by the 
level of love and support I'm receiving from everyone. Its a huge blessing. I give Thanks.
AAWAC is clearly a great concept for our African and Caribbean Community especially as it being produced by a professional team headed by the phenomenal Princess Deun & Teju Ibukunoluwa. I hope and pray the AAWAC brand goes from strength to strength.

OM: You will be sharing the ‘Secrets of your Success’ at the AAWAC event, without letting out too much, what kind of impact do you think it will have on people especially the youth?

ET: The secret of my success, is like all other truths, its very simple. By The Grace of God, I will reveal it on the 9th of Sept. 

OM: Can you describe yourself in One Word?

ET: One word that discribes Ellen Thomas has to be " LIMITLESS " the possibilities for being my authentic self are endless
I am limitless, and abundantly blessed. Interestingly I believe 'everyone' has that ability,  it is God given, choosing to
express it is our individual divine right.

OM: If you could change one thing in your past, what might that be?

ET: Regrets ? NONE. I wouldnt change anything in my past.... all the events, people, situations  etc, good and not so good, brought me to this place and time and this Honour.


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Source: Courtsey of 'Andience With A Celebrity'!