Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Keep it simple like RMD… even @ 50


WHAT else does Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD) not do: An A-list actor, model, businessman, lawyer and public servant… and more?
Here’s life irony: Some few days ago, while on set of Tinsel, already getting set to roll back to the scene as an actor, Richard Mofe Damijo was re-appointed by Governor Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan to serve as a commissioner for a second time, a confirmation of his exemplary performance last term.

And on Wednesday, RMD will clock 50; in his simple nature, he is not throwing any flashy party; at least not now. “I thank God on the attainment of the age, but no loud noise,” he says. At least there will be some art party later in the month.richard-mofe-damijo
Since his first appointment as an adviser to the governor and later commissioner for Culture and Tourism, RMD, who is the first Nollywood actor to be so appointed in Delta State, has racked up commendable feats and successes that are associated with a brand like him. For him, this is another great chance to serve.
“It’s always a privilege to serve. Being called upon to serve is divine and one should appreciate God for that and work for the people,” he says.
The commissioner surmises his involvement in politics: “It’s a wonderful opportunity to contribute to progress of my state. With support of the governor, we were able to bring in foreign investment, which culminated in building the Water Theme Park in Asaba and Warri. And we are ready for even greater things this time.”
What makes the brand RMD thick?
“Simple does it,” he says.
The lovable actormakes it simple and stylish by accessorising his wears with wristwatch or a simple necklace. “My fashion philosophy is keep it simple; less is more. I love my blue jeans, white shirts and blue blazers; you can wear those all year round,” he says.
Wear top designers
The most dramatic improvement you can make in your style is to make sure everything fits well. Go for top designers that would give you that perfect look.
For RMD, “my favourite fashion designer is Mudi, his lines and curves are almost perfect — neat and simple. For my suits, I prefer bespoke and Sanct, the Nigerian London-based designer has my full attention right now.”
Watch it out
The last thing on is usually the first thing to be noticed. So, mind the details instead of throwing together the main parts of your outfit. Wristwatch is a-one-must-have accessory.
For the reappointed Commissioner, his most expensive fashion piece is his wristwatch. “I’m not telling you how much I bought them, but I have quite a pretty neat collection.”
Keep it clean
Though he does not really have beauty regimen, RMD says, “I like to keep my feet and nails clean aside from the occasional spa, no fancy facials. I don’t have daily beauty routine. I Just have a good bath scrubbing with a face towel or sponge and my Vaseline petroleum jelly.”
Spend less, look good
Beware of buying or using something just because it’s in vogue; stick to what you truly like. The secret behind RMD’s glowing skin is N200 Vaseline petroleum jelly. He says, “I don't have favourite beauty products. My all time beauty product is Vaseline petroleum jelly. No colour, no smell; good old plain petroleum jelly, with just 200 Naira you can buy one, they are available in all neighbourhood shops.”
Stay a notch above
Try not to overdo it to a fault, but dare to take some risks. RMD’s signature perfume is Black Orchid by Tom Ford and at night. “I use Arabic Oud. I like the musky ones.”
Be a cheerful giver
“I have over 50 perfumes. I do give out some and replace them, too, out of habit. I always want something to give out. I never use more than five per cent of them,” he states.
Spice up your style
The only way you can really learn is to try out new things. The actor-turned lawyer and now a public servant expresses himself through this means. As the years go by, he embraces new fashion spices and adds it to his style.
He says, “in my 20s, I did much of jeans and khakis, T-shirt and casuals. When I was in my 30s, I discovered the beauty of suits and power dressing. 40s, I discovered the power of white. Today, it’s pretty much of all that combinations, which have defined me.”
Shop abroad
Invest more time and money into your image. Your style is a huge means of communication and it’s worth caring for as much as your education, career and relations. “I prefer to shop in London. It has everything a man wants. Any of the high street shops from Oxford, Jermyn Street to Sloan Street will give you what you want.”
The power of black, white and blue
“The occasion determines my red carpet look. If it’s strictly black tie, then I’m a purist. If it’s not stated, then the classic jeans and jacket crested or plain is just fine. I love white, black and blue jeans. With these, you can't go wrong. White makes you the neat man; black is distinguished while blue is trendy,” he explains.
Wear it right
“For me, no loafers in a formal suit. Oh, leaving the suit label on the sleeves, you should be shot!”
Try something new
RMD wish? To wear an earring for a week, and just “for the heck of it.”

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to an Icon, a veteran and a Legend Actor. May you live long in good health. As you celebrate your Golden Jubilee today, just would like you to know that you indeed a role model to this generation and you are appreciated.