Monday, 10 October 2011


By Teju Ibukunoluwa
One of the Anointed and Talented Gospel Singers of our days is a gentle man by the name Chiedu Nwanze. His ministry has blessed so many people in the UK and beyond. He is one of the Worship Leaders of  Kingsway International Christian Centre, the Largest growing pentecostal church in Western Europe. 
We recently had an exclusive interview with Chiedu, where he shed more light on his upcoming Gospel concert tagged 'An Evening with One with Chiedu and Friends'. This is scheduled for this coming  December 2011. He also talked about himself, his Family, Ministry and Career. Enjoy!
FKM: When did this Singing start? Was it something you always wanted to do or something you just drifted into?
CNI started singing when I was about six years old alongside my brother’s in our dad’s church

FKM: Tell us about your first ministration or performance ever 

CN: My first performance was in my dad’s church I think the year was 1977

FKM: We were told you also play musical instrument, is it true? 
CN Yes I play a bit of the keyboards and drums

FKM: Have you ministered in songs recently outside UK? Which one? Where? What was the experience like? 

CN: Yes I have in Lagos and Port Harcourt both cities in Nigeria. It was an awesome time in God’s presence. I did not only sing but shared God’s Word

FKM:'An Evening with the ONE with Chiedu and His friends'! Is this your first major concert or shall I say your personal project in the UK? How did you come about it? Did you see it coming? How did you feel? 

CN: This concert has been in the making for a long time yes it is my first major concert and it will act as pilot for my first live recording in the year 2012. I feel so excited about it, really.

FKM: What are your expectations on this Upcoming Event – ‘An Evening with the ONE with Chiedu and His Friends’? Tell us more about this event, Where is it taking place? What is the date and time? 
CN:  As the theme suggests this is a time for us to come together and worship the One true God. The event will take place at Castle Green in Dagenham on the 10th of December 2011 starting at 7pm

FKM: What is your opinion about – ‘An Evening with the ONE with Chiedu and His Friends’? Do you think it’s a good concept to be looked forward too? Who else will be featuring in this project would you like to mention them or you want people to know them on that day?
CN:  An Evening for ONE will become a yearly event with Chiedu and Friends. Yes my friends that are coming to minister are Wole Awolola , Pastor Peter Remi Odumesi, Minister Obi Shine (Nigeria), Pastor Alexander Victor and Altar Sounds, Jake Isaac, Esther Adeyemi and Abby Godwin

FKM: What one word would you use to describe yourself? 

CN: Simple and easy going.

FKM: If you could change one thing in your past, what might that be?

CN: The time it took for me to be saved

FKM: How would you like to be remembered?

CN: As a man who loved God and gave himself totally to God, His family, and made a tremendous impact in the lives of people

FKM: What's the one thing about you few people know?

CN: That I’m a bit of an introvert.

FKM: Apart from being a Worship Leader in , what do you do for a living for those who may not know

CN: I am a trained Architect but I do more of Graphic and Web design

FKM: What do you like most about your profession? 

CN: The ability to be creative nothing makes me feel better than that

FKM: Who are your favourite Gospel Ministers/Singers? If you have the choice to work with a non-African Gospel Artists, probably from  US and UK, who would they be?   

CN: Fred Hammond, Marvin Sapp, all my guest artistes mentioned above and Tim Godfrey. The gospel artist from the US would have to be Andrae Crouch | Fred Hammond and from the UK it would be Noel Robinson

FKM: When you are not in Church ministering, what do you do? Your Hobbies? 

CNWatching sports and movies and also playing basketball

FKM: Would you like to talk about your family? If yes,  How supportive/understanding are they? 

CN Yes my children are very supportive of everything that I do

FKM: Is anything you would like to let people know that I've not asked you? 

CN: No nothing thanks

FKM: Thank you so much for your time.
CN: You are welcome!



Anonymous said...

An Evening with one with Chiedu and Friends! A must attend concert to worship the Holy One. You need to be out of the UK to miss this remarkable event. Make it a date!

miracle marho favour said...

It's going to be an awesome day with God. i wont miss it for anything in the world.please......... do same.