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Exclusive Interview With Shola Victor Sajowa Speaking on her great event coming this weekend, 'As Love Demands'

By Teju Ibukunoluwa, Femtej Kreations Media

An Exclusive interview with one of  the most Charismatic women in this world. She is so passionate about what she does as a worship leader and an Entreprenuer. She is a Wife of one of the Ministers of the largest Church in the UK and a Mother of  3 wonderful Children. Enjoy!

FKM: When did this Singing start? 
Was it something you always wanted to do or something you just drifted into?

SVS: I started from the age of 3.  I have always loved music, knew lyrics of songs from various artistes like Ebenezer Obey, Fela, Shalamar, etc.  However when I gave my life to Christ in 1987 my taste in music changed. I found my love expression to GOD in music and ministering in songs.. 

FKM:  Tell us about your first ministration or performance ever...

SVS:  Erm gosh! it was at a place called Ijebu Ode in Lagos Nigeria where I went for my A’levels, I re wrote Irene Cara’s ‘what a feeling ‘and sang it as a testimony of what my life became as a believer compared to what I was. I sang and played the tambourine with gusto .

FKM:  We were told you actually started your ministration as a singer from KICC the largest church in London, is it true? 

SVS: It blossomed I will say when I came to KICC and came in contact with my spiritual Dad Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, he asked me what I loved to do, I told him  I love music he said to me to join the choir which I did.  Gradually, I became a part of  ‘the band’ a group carved out to minister with him when he went ministering outside the home. It carried on as I began to be given opportunities to lead worship at our major events like IGOC our yearly conference and Winning womens conference. I continued to lead worship and still do at my home church KICC.    

I want to use this opportunity to thank my spiritual Dad and Mum Pastor Matthew and Pastor Yemisi Ashimolowo for believing in me and what GOD is doing in my life. They encourage me both off and on the pulpit, I am so blessed to have been led their way.

Also great thanks to my mentor Pastor Dipo Oluyomi for his mentorship style, he is a blessing indeed. I say he is a mentor and not a tormentor lol

FKM: Have you ministered in songs recently outside UK? Which one? Where? What was the experience like? 

SVS: Oh yes Geneva and Sweden, I came across some warm, receptive people who received me with open arms. It was great ministering in those places and humbling at the same time that GOD has begun to fulfil the prophecies that have been prophesied over my life. I know for sure that HE is the one at work when I find myself not only ministering in songs but going into the prophetic. When people then come to confirm the prophesies..oh! it throws me, and I know that that could only have been GOD my FATHER at work. So yes it’s a priviledge to be enable to travel both in UK and outside the UK. 

FKM: That's great! As love demands! Is this your first major concert or shall I say your personal project in the UK? How did you come about it? did you see it coming? How did you feel? 

SVS: As love demands is my first live recording in the UK but not my first project. By HIS grace we, my husband Minister Victor Sajowa and I have organised the Art of true worship which started as a result of the requests I was getting from various people asking me to come and mentor them in worship leading. The requests so grew that I thought there would be enough time if I was to set appointments with all the people requesting mentoring, so I was led to have a focal point where we will all come together, pray, study the word, questions  raised and addressed, we pray together, eat together and have great times of worship. It started as a seminar and has since grown and is growing by HIS grace. You know it helps to learn from people and to know you are not the only one going through it. Iron sharpens iron the scripture says, we learn how to overcome issues and carry on being who GOD has called us to be and do. Manning our post by his grace and not going AWOL. Knowing HIS grace is sufficient for us through it all. Also knowing that its all about HIM.

Regarding how I feel and do feel about hosting events, I sometimes feel like little girl who is sent on an errand by the GREAT KING,The KING gives her the sceptre and say just show them this, they will know who sent you. Knowing I have HIS backing  makes my head swell like my people will say. HE is called the Oranmo nise fayati – He sends you on an errand and HE backs you big time. It’s a privilledge and an honour That I don’t take lightly.

As regards the live recording however, what happened was, when my first album came out – it’s all about YOU’, my big brother Pastor Dipo Oluyomi said to me that  the album was well done but the next album should be a live recording which will captures the congregation, worship response etc. his and many other requests made me decide on a live recording format and I trust GOD that HIS name will be glorified in it.

FKM: Wow!! So, What are your expectations on this Upcoming Event – ‘As love demands’? Tell us more about this event, where is it taking place? What is the date and time? Who else will be featuring in this project would you like to mention them or you want people to know them on that day?

SVS: I am trusting GOD to whom I sing – will show up BIG on the day, that our worship will be accepted by HIM, that we will have great time of worship, that our GOD will inhabit it, heal, save, deliver, set free and bring joy to many. Also, that all will reconnect with their GOD directed love language, that hearts will return to the ONE who it’s all about.
On the day, my wonderful team and  I will be presenting new songs that I have written by myself, some written  in collaboration with artists like Noel Robinson who produced my first album, Chiedu Nwanze, Wole Awolola, Abby Godwin etc . Also ministering on the day are, Pastor Dipo Oluyomi, Aaron T, Aaron, Lara Martin, Royal Destiny, Julia Doe, Xpression etc.
It will be holding on the Saturday 9th of June 2012 at KLM AUDITORIUM 1A QUEBEC WAY SURREY QUAYS LONDON, SE16 7LH | Time  2pm  - 10pm – Kingdom time J
FKM: What is your opinion about – ‘As love demands!? Do you think its a good concept to be looked forward too? 

SVS:  In answer to your question I am reminded of the poem I wrote re As love demands it goes like this …
As Love demands ....
Love compels us to worship
The one who our heart adores
The one who gave HIS all
To whom we all belong
We come with love in our hearts
This done not out of duress but out of a heart of true worship
We come to worship HIM simply as love demands

So As love demands, is the  title or theme of our forthcoming worship experience/live recording coming up on the 9th of June 2012 from 2pm to 10pm – Kingdom time .
Oh yes it worth looking forward to as it’s a day of worship, fellowship, networking, time out in HIS presence. Its for everyone.

FLM: Fantastic! You will also be launching your Husband’s first book on that day..right? Tell us more about the book, what inspires him to write such an amazing book. 

SVS: ‘The Joseph generation is a book for everyone who like Joseph has a God given dream. The book encourages the reader to hold on and be strong and not to give up irrespective of what comes their way. There are lessons to be learnt, prayer points and encouraging nuggets that will help to walk and see the fulfilment of ones God given assignment.
I believe it’s his desire to see people pursue their GOD given dreams and become whom GOD said and says they are that fuelled the passion to write this book.

As one privileged to be married to this gentle giant, I see and hear how he asks people questions about who they are what they are doing etc. He prays passionately with people, encourages and motivates people and that includes me. So when he said he was going to write on the Joseph generation I knew the book will be a blessing. We at KICC Tooting, London already have been blessed by snippets of this book in his messages on Sunday and I can say that the reader is in for an awesome time as they invest in the book and the author.

FKM: Well I can't wait to get a copy of that book for myself... So, what one word would you use to describe yourself?  

SVS: Adventurous

FKM: If you could change one thing in your past, what might that be?

SVS: Nothing. I believe we go through the school of life and we are meant to learn as we go along. So all I have been through were opportunities for learning whether good or bad. So like the famous song No no regrets…..

 FKM: Absolute! How would you like to be remembered? 

SVS: A GOD lover

FKM: What's the one thing about you few people know?  

SVS: Ermm let's keep it to few people, shall we? lol. Well, while growing up, I fantasised about becoming  a spy or to work in the Navy blame James Bond and Nick Carter novels...
Another thing is I would have gone into comedy, when I was in school.  A few other people and I  dressed up like a known comedian called Papa Lola and did a very funny comedy clip. My husband calls me a comedian as I crack them up at home. I know how to get a smile out of him say when I am naughty or something lol

FKM: Apart from being a Worship Leader in KICC, what do you do for a living for those who may not know.

SVS: I run a fashion outfit called Solvic Images we stock unique items like limited edition shirts for ladies and gents, unique jewellery and other unique apparels  or fashion items. I also give advice on new products creation as and when invited by companies.
My husband and I also run a graphic design company, he being the designer me the sales Director J

FKM: Great Stuff!  What do you like most about your profession? What do you like least?

SVS:  There is nothing as fulfilling as doing what you love doing most and then to be paid for it. It is  a mega bonus though it’s not my main focus as I have ministered for years without being paid for it but I guess DADDY thought it was time. I remember ministering my heart out at an event, see I love GOD and love when HE creates platforms for me to just show HIM off. Anyway after ministering for three days and it was time for me to leave, they said we know we cannot pay you enough for your gift and for your impact during this weekend , so please accept this as a token. The way she was sounding I didn’t know what to expect, but when I opened the envelope….. ah. I went into the hotel and began to dance to the one I call ORIGINAL BABA Shola. 

The joy of ministry is to see people touched and blessed, when they now come and feedback on what GOD has done in their lives while I ministered, how it touched and changed them oh I feel so humbled and privileged to be called to do this.

When it comes to my business, our caption is Solvic Images –we take pride in your appearance. When I first started selling and people buy and wear our products, I will go and thank them. My reasoning? , you know most times when you source items to sell, its mostly my taste, now for the customer to so like it, buy it and wear it? Oh that feels me with pride J

What I like least about my profession is Debt collection lol

FLM: Who are your favourite Gospel Ministers/Singers? If you have the choice to work with a non-African Gospel Artists, probably from  US and UK, who would they be?  

SVS: The list keeps growing of my favourite Gospel Ministers,, they include Donnie Mclaurkin, Judy Jacobs, Prophetess Juanita Bynum, Sonnie Badu, Cece Winans, Chevrelle Franklin, Mali.. the list goes on and on. I love worshippers who just by seeing them worship, you are compelled to worship -.
Erm who will like to work with? Now that’s a very good question. Let me have  a good  think...LoL

FKM: LOL: When you are not in Church ministering, what do you do? Your Hobbies?

SVS:  I love travelling and networking, I love people, meeting new people, you know when I see people and their uniqueness, features , quirkiness it makes me smile and appreciate the high value that God places on everyman. People show the many sides of GOD after all man was made in the image of my FATHER and when we come to know HIM and walk with HIM, oh what a beautiful picture our lives create

FKM: Would you like to talk about your family? If yes, How supportive/understanding are they? 

SVS: Oh yes I have awesome family network, my husband is a treasure, when I get invites to minister, he says it’s time to fast and he fasts, he takes time off to be with the children.. my husband is a good mentor, a great lover, my friend, my dear, sorry need to stop now. He lets me be me in GOD, he lets me be me and he says he is my number one fan... I remember coming back from my ministry trip to Geneva, as soon as my husband heard it was me at the door, he ran to the door lifted me and carried me in, imagine the picture lol, the man strong oo. I couldn’t stop laughing. My children are a blessing too, very supportive.   'I am so blessed with wonderful parents who love, counsel, encourage, pray and fight for me and my destiny on their knees. Deacon and Deaconess Sowemimo and Pastor and Pastor Sajowa. Tremendous parents indeed. My sister and brothers on both sides are such encouraging people. Not to talk of my church home family KICC, it’s great to belong to a great house like that .

FKM: Is there anything you would like to let people know that I've not asked you? 

SVS: You’ve done a great job. thank you so much for your time, I appreciate you big time x

FKM: It will always be our pleasure Sister Shola and we give God the glory indeed!. Thank you for taking out of your very busy schedule at this time to share your experiences and your story with us... We wish you God’s speed in your upcoming event. 

SVS: Amen and Amen

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